Here Is How To Prevent Heart Attacks And Even Reserve Heart Disease Complete Naturally

Heart disease has been considered as the main culprit of many deaths in the United States. This disease is typically triggered by blocked arteries that lead to improper blood flow to the heart.

However, it is actually a preventable disease because it is caused by unhealthy diet, high stress levels, and physical inactivity.

These 10 Foods Can Clean the Arteries, Regulate Cholesterol, and Support Good Cardiovascular Health:

– Pomegranate
Due to its abundance of phytonutrients, the fruit can enhance the production of nitric oxide. Also, it can enhance blood circulation, thus promoting optimal health of the cardiovascular system.

– Orange juice
It is a well-known fact that freshly squeezed orange juice is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Additionally, they can prevent any blood vessel damage and regulate blood pressure levels. Researchers emphasized that the daily consumption of 2 glasses of orange juice offers all the essential nutrients needed to the human body. Plus, the juice can also help in the prevention of developing heart disease.

– Salmon
It is a type of fish that is abundant in healthy fatty acids. Moreover, these acids can prevent inflammation as well as decrease bad cholesterol levels, thus helping in cases of heart disease.

– Nuts
They are an excellent source of unsaturated fats, fatty acids and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve your memory and brain function. If you eat nuts on a daily basis, you can also significantly decrease bad cholesterol levels and support good joint and heart health.

– Turmeric
This extraordinary Indian spice contains curcumin, which is its main active compound. This compound acts as an impressive anti-inflammatory agent that has an ability to lower tissue inflammation and overactive fat accumulation, too. But, by introducing some turmeric powder in your daily diet or consuming turmeric tea, you can prevent the development of any cardiovascular disease.

– Watermelon
This type of fruit can boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. In addition, if you consume watermelon regularly, you can clean your blood vessels very effectively.

– Whole grains
Experts noted that the regular consumption of brown rice, whole grain bread, and oats can clean the blood vessels and prevent any heart issue. Specifically, whole grains are packed with fiber that can normalize cholesterol levels and prevent the development of heart disease.

– Green tea
This type of tea abounds in catechins, which are potent antioxidants. Furthermore, they can protect the heart from any damage. The regular consumption of green tea can reduce the bad cholesterol levels and enhance the metabolism. Scientists suggest that you should consume 2 cups of green tea on a daily basis for optimal effects.

– Cranberries
As a result of their high potassium content, cranberries can regulate the cholesterol levels. It has been found that the possibility of developing heart disease is decreased by 40% if you drink 2 glasses of fresh cranberry juice every day.

– Avocado
It is a highly nutritious fruit, loaded with healthy fats. By daily eating of avocados you can optimize your cholesterol levels as well as support your cardiovascular health.

Natural Remedies For Gum Disease That Your Dentist Doesn’t Tell You About

Gum disease is one of the most dangerous oral health problems, except cancer.  Unfortunately, it is quite common these days, with more than half of all Americans over the age of 30 who have had it at certain point.  In addition to an increased risk of tooth loss, gum disease has been also associated with some quite serious health conditions, including heart disease.

What Is Gum Disease?
Often referred to as gingivitis, gum disease is nothing but an inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. It is typically caused by poor oral hygiene, and the most common symptoms include redness in the gum tissue, bleeding, and swollen gums.

If neglected, gum disease can soon turn into periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease which affects the bone underneath the teeth and causes loss of bone and gum tissue in the jaw. In case you notice any bleeding when you are brushing the teeth, consult your dentist right away.

What Causes Gum Disease?
As already discusses, poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of gum disease, leading to plaque buildup on the gums and teeth.  This substance promotes growth of detrimental bacteria and is likely to harden the tartar if it is not remove by flossing and brushing. Accumulation of tartar and plaque can lead to bacterial infection in the gums, causing gingivitis.

Common Factors Of Gum Disease
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diabetes
  • Certain medications
  • Dry mouth
  • Stress-related immune disorders
  • Tooth alignment/crowding issues
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse

Natural Remedies For Gum Disease

Here are the top 6 natural solutions for gum disease. Check them out:

1. Oil Pulling
Take 100% organic oil, preferably coconut, sesame, or olive oil, and swirl it around the mouth for a few minutes. This technique removes toxic matter, plaque buildup, and inflammation from the gums and teeth.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which works wonders for inflamed, red and swollen gums.  For optimal results and maximum benefit, use it directly from the plant.

3. Sage Decoction
To make your own anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mouthwash, boil 50 fresh sage leaves in distilled water. The same solution can be consumed as tea.

4. Mustard Oil
Mustard oil is a potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which makes it an effective preventive measure against gum disease.  Not only destroys bacteria and heals gums, but it relieves pain, too.

5. Fruits and Veggies
Snacking on fresh and crunchy fruits and veggies is a good way to maintain proper oral hygiene.  They clean the teeth, prevent plaque from accumulating, and promote overall oral health.

6. Need Products
Need is an effective antifungal and antimicrobial solution for gum disease.  It can be used as gel, toothpaste, or mouthwash.

Dental Treatment For Gum Disease

On the other hand, conventional dental treatments for gingivitis include:

1. Scaling
This treatment is used to remove tartar accumulated around the gum line

2. Root Planning
It helps remove infect parts of the tissue and smooth rough spots.

3. Professional Teeth Cleaning
As the name itself suggest, it cleans the teeth by removing tartar and plaque buildup.

4. Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is used as milder alternative to planning and scaling, as it causes less bleeding and pain.

5. Surgical Treatment
In severe cases, surgical treatment is needed. It can be either flap surgery or a bone and tissue graft used to replace damaged sections.

Keep fleas, ants, and roaches out of your home for good with these 12 amazing, simple methods

Fleas, ants, and roaches are one of the most common and most annoying pests. Although there are various products on the market which are said to kill them off, most of them are packed with chemicals which do more harm than good.  If you don’t leave the house for a few days after using them, the toxic residue might affect you or your pets.

The good news is that there are a many safer alternatives available, using good hygiene practices and common household products. Here are some of those brilliant, easy methods:

1. Use dishwashing detergent against fleas
You can use dishwashing detergent to wash your pet, which will both clean their fur and kill off fleas.  Opt for natural formula and make sure you test a small area prior applying it.

Alternatively, you can make a flea trap by putting dishwashing detergent in a bowl or plate. Fleas are attracted to light so place a candle in the middle or keep the bowl under a lamp.

2. Wash and vacuum everything
Getting rid of the eggs and larvae is critical when it comes to getting rid of fleas, so dedicate a whole day to washing everything around the house.  Wash all the bedding, clothes, bathroom mats, and soft rugs, too.

3. Salt your carpet
As reported by Rapid Home Remedies, a layer of salt on the carpet will dehydrate and eventually kill the fleas residing in your carpet.  Get finely ground salt and sprinkle a layer over the entire carpet. Let it work for at least a day prior vacuuming it thoroughly.

4. Make a natural flea spray
Making your own natural flea spray to keep fleas away is definitely a good idea. There are many recipes available, most of which use citronella and rosemary oil.  Both of these ingredients are all-natural and safe to use around the home.

5. Deter ants with household products
WikiHow recommends spreading a line of petroleum jelly, talcum powder, or duct tape across the entry point. You can also wipe all the trials with cinnamon oil or place whole cloves or ground cinnamon near the entry points.

Spraying diluted peppermint oil, fresh lemon juice, or white vinegar across ant trials works well too.

6. Bait or trap the ants
DIY natural recommends making a homemade bait by combining one part borax and three parts powdered sugar. The sugar attracts the ants while the borax kills them.  Pouring some honey into a shallow dish is a good idea when it comes to trapping the ants.

7. Find the ant nest
Pour boiling water into the nest, it will flow through the tunnels and kill the ants. Another option is using a solution of camphor oil and methylated spirits.

8. Starve roaches
Don’t leave leaks in the house as roaches cannot live more than a couple of days without water.  On the other hand, they are fond of grease, so make sure you clean the stovetop and the kitchen free of food splatters and crumbs. The goal is to starve the roaches.

9. Deter roaches
Home Remedies Care suggests several natural scents and chemicals that roaches cannot stand, including mint oil, cedar, bay leaves, lemon, cucumber, and Listerine.  Make your own solution and spray it around the house to keep roaches at bay.

10. Use roach bait
WikiHow shares a recipe using sugar, flour, and Boric Acid.  Although this method is very effective, it takes time to work so you need to be patient.

Mix one part powdered sugar, one part flour, and one part boric acid.  Sprinkle the powder under the stove, under the fridge, in the backs of the cabinets, etc.  The sugar and flour attract the roaches and the boric acid poisons them.

11. Make your own roach spray
Mix soap and water and spray the solution onto roaches. This method helps suffocate them, it works quickly, and it is completely safe to use around the house.

12. Make a roach trap
As already discussed earlier, roaches need water, so they are willing to go long lengths to get it.  Fill a jar with water and put it in areas where they typically reside. They will climb in the water and will not be able to go back out.

Do Not Ignore the 13 Prostate Cancer Signs – Every Man Has to Read This

Did you know prostate cancer is the deadliest male disease?

This can be treated if seen in time, so recognize some signs and increase survival rates.

In most cases, this affects gland cells and is called adenocarcinoma.

This disease develops slow. A lot of men die of old age and never knew they had prostate cancer, the autopsy showed this and even doctors did not see it. some studies have showed that even 80% of men in 80s have this cancer, undiscovered.

This cancer starts with changes in shape or size of the prostate glands or prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia PIN.

Even 50% of 50 year old men have the PIN and the cells are in place, are not moved and just a microscope sees the changes. The cancer cells move into other parts in prostate as well. Doctors say the cell changes are either low grade or high grade. Latter is abnormal and first one is fine…
Any man with high grade PIN after a biopsy is at great risk for cancer. Due to this, there might be a need for another biopsy.

In the early stages of this cancer there are no signs. Most men find they have cancer after a routine check and blood test too. When there are signs, they are:
  • Often urinating
  • Getting up at night for urinating
  • Hard start in urine flow
  • Hard urinating once it starts
  • Blood in urine
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain in ejaculation (less common)
  • Hard time keeping an erection (less common)
If the cancer is advanced the signs are:
  • Bone pain in spine, vertebrae, pelvis, ribs
  • Proximal femur part hurts
  • Weak legs if the cancer spread in spine and spinal cord
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Age
  • Genes
  • Diet
  • Meds
  • STDs
  • Agent orange

Add Few Drops Of This In Your Oil And Your Hair Will Grow Like Never Before

Hair fall and hair thinning are very common these days . Although there are many solution available in market which claims to solve these issues but many of them are just waste of money. Here’s when natural remedies come in front of us, although there are many hair packs which are effective to solve hair fall/thinning issues but generally we don’t get time for all those remedies but today I will tell you one remedy that will only take few seconds of you and you can use it as regular hair oiling.

For this you will just need

Castor oil + Any other hair oil that you use

Mix 1 spoon of castor oil in your regular oil before hair oiling and massage your scalp with this oil. If you want you can apply it directly on your hair too but it is very thick and makes it very difficult to remove while washing your hair. So it is always better to dilute this oil with some other oil. You can use ratio of 1:1.

Correct way to use this remedy

Use this remedy on clean scalp so that this oil can work properly. After applying this massage your scalp for 15 minutes at least. Let it act for 7-8 hours at least.

Believe me girls castor oil is truly an amazing remedy for new thicker hair growth. It is not just for hair, it also works equally for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Say Goodbye To Fluid Retention And Fat Buildup! Great For Removing Excess Fluids!

We want to share some home remedies aimed at reducing or eliminating fluid retention. Women are the ones who most suffer from fluid retention in the body, usually in the belly and legs.

Making us gain a little extra pounds, besides causing, without us noting, swelling or inflammation of the affected parts. It may appear when you are pregnant, or you are in the premenstrual period, or if you already have menopause, it is also a consequence of diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, just to mention some examples.

Therefore, the consumption of fruits and vegetables are recommended to cure the retention of fluids, ingested in adequate amounts to help the function of the system and avoid this disease.

Among natural diuretics we can mention:

-The oats
-Lechoza (papaya)
-The cucumber
-The Cranberries
-The carrot

The diuretic juice that will serve to solve the fluid retention and abdominal fat contains these.



Place in a blender ¼ of pineapple, ½ unpeeled cucumber and two celery stalks with the leaves if you wish and a glass of 8 ounces of water at temperature. Then liquify all this until all the ingredients are crushed.

You can make this juice twice a day and take it without gluing. Before breakfast it is advisable to take one or two glasses and before dinner. Give this post to others to know how to make a natural juice to decrease the buildup of fluid in your body.

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight and Reduce High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, often referred to as “a silent killer” is a common health problem that affects a number of people.

Even though there are some prescription drugs which can reduce your high blood pressure, most of them can cause side effects. So, the best way to manage your blood pressure is to use natural ingredients that you already have in your kitchen.

Apple cider vinegar is known for its numerous health benefits. But, probably you are asking yourself how to use apple cider vinegar in order to lose weight and reduce hypertension.

Well, keep reading and you will find out more about the incredible powers of this ingredient!

Why Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Hypertension
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 1 in 3 American adults, suffers from hypertension. That is almost 67 million people. Moreover, high levels of blood pressure can contribute to 1,000 deaths on a daily basis.

High blood pressure can lead to serious health problems, including:

Vision loss
Increased risk of heart attack
Peripheral artery disease
Tired circulatory system
Kidney damage

Today, we have an old natural remedy that will significantly improve your blood pressure levels.

Apple cider vinegar contains an acetic acid that has the ability to lower the blood pressure by reducing the renin activity. Renin is an enzyme essential for the regulation of blood pressure, urine output and thirst in the body.

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Weight and Reduce Hypertension

As we said before, the vinegar contains an acetic acid that can effectively treat hypertension. We recommend you to combine it with honey to use it reducing high blood pressure and losing weight.

Needed Ingredients:

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of honey
A glass of water

You should add the vinegar in the water and stir in the honey. Make sure to mix well and drink this immediately. It is recommended to consume this drink two times a day.

This natural remedy is recommended for anyone, particularly for those with a high-sodium diet. Honey and apple cider vinegar are rich in potassium, which regulates the sodium levels in the body, thus reduce high blood pressure.

Make sure to have a healthy diet and start some exercise program in order to manage your blood pressure levels. Apple cider vinegar contains an organic acid that can improve and speed up the metabolism, thus helping you lose some weight.

Black Salve: The Magical Cancer Cure That's Been Hidden From Us For Decades

Black salve is a mostly unheard of treatment that has been used for centuries in South America, known for treating a number of health problems, including cancer. The salve is a special blend of herbs with amazing medical properties.

The pharmaceutical industry have tried their best to hide this ointment for fear it will outsell other products.

It has been used historically to remove tumors, fungi and yeasts from the body.
Named ‘black salve’ due to its color, it contains the ingredient bloodroot, a herb jet black in color as well as a mix of other herbs and zinc.

Bloodroot is a herb found only in eastern North America, throughout history it has been used to treat everything from inflammation, cough, infections, in the treatment of warts, moles, skin tags,  and skin cancer.

The active ingredient in bloodroot is sanguinarine which is full of antimicrobial, tumoricidal, anticancer, antiangiogenic, and antimicrotubule properties. In lab results bloodroot has been found to be effective at destroying cancer cells.

Black salve is known to:
  • Aid blood flow round the body, helping the heart and blood vessels
  • Oxygenates the whole body
  • Fights off polyps, fungus warts and other skin tags
Black salve can be used internally and externally, but its most effective use on tumors and polyps can be achieved by apply the salve topically onto the growth continuously until it shrinks.