3 Ways To Banish Back Pain

The spine is a thing of beauty: a sleek stack of 24 vertebrae, cushioned by 23 disks and neatly arranged into an elegant structure that—in a marvelous feat of biological engineering—gives us both strength and flexibility. Yet back pain is rampant. Roughly 80% of Americans will experience it at some point, according to the National Institutes of Health. Why should this be?

Esther Gokhale has a theory. A licensed acupuncturist and New York Times–dubbed "Posture Guru of Silicon Valley," Gokhale says poor posture is a key culprit—one often overlooked by doctors. In her view, we slump most of the time. We sink into soft, cushy chairs that encourage us to round our backs rather than sit up straight. When not slouching, we're overarching or otherwise kinking our spines. (High heels and heavy purses aren't helping, either.)

In workshops at the Gokhale Method Institute and across the country, she has helped thousands of sufferers by teaching them the proper ways to sit, stand, walk, and bend. Her approach is being heralded by some in the medical community as a promising new way to help prevent and treat chronic back pain without drugs, injections, or surgery.

She's not the only one who blames back problems on crummy posture. "A lot of the gimmicks people spend money on—special chairs, every type of brace—don't really work," says Alexander Vaccaro, MD, PhD, a spine surgeon and president of Philadelphia's Rothman Institute. "Good posture, with proper alignment, does."

So what are Gokhale's perfect posture secrets for banishing back pain?

1. Sit for Success
Wrong: Don't tuck your tailbone under you, which causes you to round your back. This can lead to lower-back pain. Similarly, hunching over your work or meals rather than leaning forward with a straight back places stress on neck and shoulder muscles, leading to stiffness.

Right: Straighten up, Gokhale says. Focus on flattening your mid-back and straightening your neck. Align your shoulders by rolling them up and back. For extra support, tighten your core muscles. When it comes to spinal curvature, less is more, she explains. Between those 24 vertebrae are disks shaped like hockey pucks. If the spine is erect, the disks maintain that puck-like form. But when you sway your back or hunch over your work, the tilted vertebrae squish those disks into wedge shapes, she says. That's bad.

2. Take a Stand
Wrong: There are so many ways to err, from sinking into one hip and rounding the upper back to the typical stance of someone told to stand straight: thrusting out the chest and swaying the lower back.

Right: Flatten your spine as you would for sitting, says Gokhale. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both legs. Keep knees slightly flexed to avoid sway in your lower back, and put your weight in your heels.

3. Bend Better
Wrong: When we stoop to make the bed or pick up toys and laundry, most of us crunch at the waist and round the lower and mid-back, compressing disks. Doing this repeatedly can lead to inflammation in the spine and cause impingement on nerves.

Right: Again, keep your back flat, Gokhale says. (Notice a trend here?) The only way to do this is by tilting your hips forward. To get the feel of it, place your hands on your hipbones, with your fingers in front and your thumbs behind. Push down with your fingers, and let your body follow. Pick up only light objects this way.

4. Sleep Straight
Wrong: You spend a third of your life in bed. If you sleep on your stomach or in any other position in which your legs are perfectly straight, you're asking for back trouble, suggests a study in the Lancet.

Right: A technique that Gokhale calls "stretch-lying" can help relieve pressure on nerves and disks. Lie on your back with a pillow under your knees. Prop yourself up on your elbows, and place your hands on your hips. As you slowly roll back down, one vertebra at a time, keep pushing your shoulders away from your hips to help lengthen your spine. Even if you spend just 15 minutes in this position, Gokhale says, "you're resetting the resting length of the muscles, and the nerves are decompressed." The Lancet study authors advise sleeping in something akin to the fetal position—on your side, knees bent—or on your back with a pillow under your knees.

What Vitamins or Herbs Help You Get Pregnant Fast?

Before you get pregnant, it is important to understand what kinds of vitamins, minerals and supplements will help you conceive and increase your chances of having a baby. Substances such as B-complex vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C are beneficial in increasing your fertility and promoting an overall healthy pregnancy.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that you must have a continuous supply of the vitamin in your daily diet. This vitamin is essential, as it helps to treat sperm that clump together and is important for men who smoke, as it helps to neutralize the chemicals found in cigarettes. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, a few studies have suggested that vitamin C may be able to improve fertility in women who suffer from ovulation disorders; however, more research is needed in this area to clarify these findings.

B Vitamins
There are a number of vitamins from the B-complex group that can help to improve chances of pregnancy. Folic acid helps to prevent a serious birth defect called "neural tube defect," while vitamin B6 helps to increase fertility in women and B12 helps to treat men who suffer from low sperm count.

Vitamin E
Men who suffer from low sperm count should consider taking vitamin E, as it can provide a higher rate of fertilization, according to the Mayo Clinic. Also, men should take this vitamin when their partners are undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment, as it helps to increase the chances of conceiving by 10 percent.

Zinc is an essential vitamin that helps to maintain the production of testosterone in men. Also, low levels of zinc can contribute to low sperm count and decrease the quality of sperm. In women, zinc helps the body to use estrogen more efficiently.

There are plenty of herbs that can be used to aid in your chances of becoming pregnant. Chasteberry is an herb that helps to increase the chances of conception by stimulating the pituitary gland and balancing sex hormones. It also helps to increase hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Another herb called "dong quai" is a Chinese fertility herb and has also been used to help treat menstrual problems. It, too, balances estrogen levels.

Onion Can Be Healthy and Used for Beauty – Especially Raw Onion

The onion can reduce inflammation, gives antioxidants and kills cancer items, The sulfur and flavonoids are good for the heart, cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis and more.

Onion can heal. Be used for beauty and also for ear infection.
  • Slice one onion and take ½, scoop the inner layer and reach the 3rd layer.
  • Heat this in oven on 300 degrees for 15 only to steam a bit.
  • Wrap the onion with towel and put this on the ear, do as much as needed.

For hair growth
  • Get juice of 1 onion and add 1 tsp honey.
  • Add a few drops essential oil like lavender.
  • Massage the scalp with this and put shower cap on.
  • Let this sit overnight and after 60 min shampoo it.
Do this 3 times per week for some months.

For burns

Onion is antiseptic and prevents skin to become infected.
A fresh cut onion applied to a burn can remove stinging and give relief.

For bug bites
  • The sulfur here makes neutral the chemicals of the itch. Slice onion in halves and rub a cut on the area.
  • Put the onion in the fridge and always use fresh slice for the skin.
For scars
  • Onions also fight scars from injury or similar.
  • Mix in 3 g salt with 10 g dish soap. Cut the onion in small pieces and make them same size. Add salt and soap and mix again.
  • Put this in water bath for 15 min and then in ice cold water every day.
  • For 5 seconds, blend them and strain then. The liquid is extract of the onion so apply this 1 time per day.
  • Pay attention to the skin if it gets red, then stop fast. And see a dermatologist.

Clean The Ovarian Cysts With The Best Recipes!

Located in the lower abdomen, the ovaries are part of the female reproductive system. Women have two ovaries that produce eggs and hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

Very often, a fluid-filled “bag” will develop on one of them.  Statistics show that most women are likely to develop at least one cyst at certain point of their lifetime. Typically, most cysts are painless and symptomless.

Types of Ovarian Cysts
  • Follicle Cyst: During the menstrual cycle, an egg grows in a sac known as follicle.  This follicle typically breaks apart and releases an egg, but in case it doesn’t, the fluid within the follicle forms a cyst.
  • Corpus Luteum Cyst: If the sac doesn’t dissolve after releasing an egg, a fluid accumulates within and causes a corpus luteum cyst.
  • Dermoid Cysts: These are growths on the ovaries which resemble sacs, but do not contain any fat, hair, or other tissue.
  • Cystadenomas: These are non-cancerous growths that typically develop on the outer part of the ovaries
  • Endometriomas: The tissues that grow within the uterus can develop on the outer side,  resulting in a cyst

Symptoms of an Ovarian Cyst
  • Painful intercourse
  • Pain in the lower back or thighs
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal swelling or bloating
  • Painful bowel movements
Most cysts go away on their own within a couple of months, but in some cases certain medications or therapies are needed. The good news is that there are natural ways to decrease their size or eliminate them for good.

Here you have a list of the top tips and recipes. Check them out!

1. Heat
Heat is very useful when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of ovarian cysts, particularly abdominal cramps.  Place a heat pad on the abdominal and hold for about 15 minutes. Repeat as needed.

2. Castor Oil Packs
Castor oil packs have been long used to cure cysts.  Castor has the ability to flush out toxic matter and other impurities, improving the function of the lymph system and dissolving the cysts.

Take a 3-layer flannel cloth, apply a few drops of castor oil on it, fold it, and unfold it right away.  Put a towel on the bed, lay down, and place the cloth on the belly. Cover with plastic foil, wrap a towel over the abdominal area, and place a bottle with hot water over the pack.  Repeat the procedure three times a week for three months.

Note: Don’t use this pack during period or if you are trying to conceive.

3. Epsom Bath
Epsom salts is packed with magnesium which relaxes the muscles and helps alleviate cramps.  Fill the bathtub with water, a cup of Epsom salts, and 10 drops of essential oil like rose, jasmine, or lavender. Soak the body for half an hour and repeat the procedure every day.

4. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea has a sedative effect and it helps you relax and calm down.  Regular consumption of this tea helps improve blood flow in the uterus and the pelvis.  To prepare chamomile tea, mix two teaspoons of dry chamomile in hot water, steep for a few minutes, sweeten with honey, and enjoy! Drink three cups a day.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar
ACV shrinks cysts thanks to their potassium content.  Dissolve a spoon of apple cider in a glass of warm water, sweeten with black molasses, and drink two glasses daily. This trick will also help alleviate bloating, cramps, and heavy bleeding.

6. Beetroot
Beetroot is packed with betacyanin, a compound that promotes detoxification and improves liver function.  It is highly alkaline too, meaning that it helps balance pH levels in the body. Mix half a cup of fresh beet juice with a tablespoon of each black molasses and aloe gel.  Consume this mixture on an empty stomach.

How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Mucus in Chest & Throat (Instant Result)

Phlegm is a substance (viscous, thick) secreted by the respiratory tract’s mucus membrane in attempt to fight infections, especially when we suffer from severe cold.It tries to collect on the chest and throat to cause congestion which we usually expel through coughing. The excess phlegm is a symptom linked to sinusitis, flu, cold or other bacterial or viral infection. It can be also caused by an allergic reaction like damaged vocal cords, asthma or hay fever. Its symptoms are difficulty in breathing, fever and weakness, constant cough and runny nose.

Even it isn’t a serious problem, if it is not treated with time it can clog the bronchial tubes. Experiencing phlegm is annoying and frustrating. Nut there are many natural remedies and herbs that can eliminate the mucus and phlegm in throat and chest.

-The ginger is natural antihistamine and decongestant. It has expectorant, antibacterial and antiviral properties that ease the congestion by drying out the excessive mucus and stimulating the buildup elimination. You can consume ginger tea few times per day or chew three or four slices of ginger several times per day.

Needed ingredients:

-Six to seven pieces of ginger;
-One tsp. of black peppercorns;
-One tbs. of honey;
-Two cups of water

Heat the water in a pan and when it starts to simmer, add the ginger chunks in it. Add the black peppercorns too and cover with the lid. Boil it for a minute and then, lower the heat and simmer for another five to seven minutes. The color will change from pale to yellow. For a stronger taste, add more ginger and simmer it for fifteen to twenty minutes or more. Strain it in a cup and add the honey. Consume the tea in small sips while it is hot to instantly ease the congestion. Drink two to three times each day to treat this condition.

-The turmeric has a compound called curcumin with healing and antiseptic properties and it reduces the phlegm by killing the bacteria which cause excessive production of mucus.

Needed ingredients:

-One tbs. of turmeric;
-quarter tsp. of salt;
-One glass of warm water

Add the turmeric in the glass of water and add the salt. Mix it well and gargle with a small amount of it to get relief. Repeat this three to four times per day to reduce phlegm in the throat and loosen the mucus.

-One of the most effective ways to eliminate the phlegm is to gargle with salt water. The warm water will soothe the throat and the salt has antibacterial properties. This combination decreases the mucus production and phlegm accumulation.

Add half a tsp. of salt into one glass of warm water and stir well. Gargle with it to loosen the phlegm. Repeat three to four times a day, until you eliminate the phlegm.

-Another way to eliminate the phlegm and mucus is the steaming. Breathing in steam is allowing the vapors to travel down the throat and eliminate the mucus and providing relief. Infusing water with herbs provides additional healing effects.

Needed ingredients:

-Four to five cups of water;
-Half a tsp. of rosemary;
-Half and tsp. of thyme;

Pour the hot boiling water into a bowl and add the dried herbs. Place a towel over the head and lean over the bowl so the steam will hit directly the face. Breathe in and out for ten minutes to get instant relief. Do it three to five times on a daily basis to expel the mucus from the throat. A steamy shower will also provide relief.

-The honey has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties that soothe the irritated respiratory tract. The lemon is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immunity and clears the congestion.

Needed ingredients:

-Two tbs. of lemon juice;
-One tbs. of honey;

Put the honey in a bowl and add the lemon juice. Stir the mixture and drink it to get instant relief. Repeat three times, every day to cure the phlegm.

–The apple cider vinegar is the solution to almost all of the troubles as it brings the body to alkaline state and balances the pH levels in the body which prevent excess mucus production.
Add one tbs. of unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar to one glass of water. Mix well and drink it two to three times per day to clear the mucus away. Gargle it to soothe a sore throat.

Here are some additional tips:

-To control the mucus production use humidifier;
-To expel the phlegm, blow the nose regularly;
-To break up the congestion and thin the mucus, eat spicy foods like peppers and garlic;
-Don’t expose yourself to household cleaners, hazardous chemical and paint fumes because they may irritate the nose and throat;
-Do not smoke, as it irritates the respiratory system and leads to congestion;
-Don’t swallow the phlegm or mucus in the throat but gargle and spit it out;
-Avoid consuming cold drinks and foods;

Alkaline Water Can Kill Cancer Cells: Here’s How You Can Prepare It

One of the biggest discovery in the science world, when it comes to healthy living, is alkaline water. It can help in detoxification of the body, fasten your metabolism and prevent cancer.

Chronic acidity in our body is the one to blame for numerous severe diseases, including cancer. If you introduce alkaline water into your diet, you can reduce risk of cancer and other diseases, since this wanted to promote proper body function.

What Is Alkaline Water?
This water is a water that has over 7 pH value. Just to get better insight, pure rain water is considered to be neutral with a pH of 7 and all the values below 7 are acidic. The human body doesn’t have specific pH value, since every organ has its own value.

Why Is Alkaline Water Good for Our Health?
Many people don’t know, but drinking alkaline water on a regular basis can improve our health. Since our body is made 80% out of water, any pH imbalance can disrupt normal functioning.

The worst thing when it comes to our diet is that is very acidic. Caffeine, salt, refined sugar, alcohol and all the processed food bring only imbalance to our body’s pH values. This can cause weakened immunity and several serious diseases, such as cancer.

On the other hand, it is not good to have an overly alkaline body, since it can also cause imbalance when it comes to the pH value.

Since cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body, it is advised to drink alkaline water on a regular basis. This will bring you strength and boost your immunity.

How to Make Alkaline Water?

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
2l purified water
1 organic lemon, sliced

You need to pour water in a jar and add the lemon slices. In the end add Himalayan salt and close jar tightly. Leave it overnight at the room temperature. Drink about three glasses of this water every morning on an empty stomach.

Natural Remedies For Gum Disease That Your Dentist Doesn’t Tell You About

Gum disease is one of the most dangerous oral health problems, except cancer.  Unfortunately, it is quite common these days, with more than half of all Americans over the age of 30 who have had it at certain point.  In addition to an increased risk of tooth loss, gum disease has been also associated with some quite serious health conditions, including heart disease.

What Is Gum Disease?
Often referred to as gingivitis, gum disease is nothing but an inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. It is typically caused by poor oral hygiene, and the most common symptoms include redness in the gum tissue, bleeding, and swollen gums.

If neglected, gum disease can soon turn into periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease which affects the bone underneath the teeth and causes loss of bone and gum tissue in the jaw. In case you notice any bleeding when you are brushing the teeth, consult your dentist right away.

What Causes Gum Disease?
As already discusses, poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of gum disease, leading to plaque buildup on the gums and teeth.  This substance promotes growth of detrimental bacteria and is likely to harden the tartar if it is not remove by flossing and brushing. Accumulation of tartar and plaque can lead to bacterial infection in the gums, causing gingivitis.

Common Factors Of Gum Disease
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diabetes
  • Certain medications
  • Dry mouth
  • Stress-related immune disorders
  • Tooth alignment/crowding issues
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol abuse

Natural Remedies For Gum Disease

Here are the top 6 natural solutions for gum disease. Check them out:

1. Oil Pulling
Take 100% organic oil, preferably coconut, sesame, or olive oil, and swirl it around the mouth for a few minutes. This technique removes toxic matter, plaque buildup, and inflammation from the gums and teeth.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which works wonders for inflamed, red and swollen gums.  For optimal results and maximum benefit, use it directly from the plant.

3. Sage Decoction
To make your own anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mouthwash, boil 50 fresh sage leaves in distilled water. The same solution can be consumed as tea.

4. Mustard Oil
Mustard oil is a potent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which makes it an effective preventive measure against gum disease.  Not only destroys bacteria and heals gums, but it relieves pain, too.

5. Fruits and Veggies
Snacking on fresh and crunchy fruits and veggies is a good way to maintain proper oral hygiene.  They clean the teeth, prevent plaque from accumulating, and promote overall oral health.

6. Need Products
Need is an effective antifungal and antimicrobial solution for gum disease.  It can be used as gel, toothpaste, or mouthwash.

Dental Treatment For Gum Disease

On the other hand, conventional dental treatments for gingivitis include:

1. Scaling
This treatment is used to remove tartar accumulated around the gum line

2. Root Planning
It helps remove infect parts of the tissue and smooth rough spots.

3. Professional Teeth Cleaning
As the name itself suggest, it cleans the teeth by removing tartar and plaque buildup.

4. Laser Treatment
Laser treatment is used as milder alternative to planning and scaling, as it causes less bleeding and pain.

5. Surgical Treatment
In severe cases, surgical treatment is needed. It can be either flap surgery or a bone and tissue graft used to replace damaged sections.

Here Is How To Prevent Heart Attacks And Even Reserve Heart Disease Complete Naturally

Heart disease has been considered as the main culprit of many deaths in the United States. This disease is typically triggered by blocked arteries that lead to improper blood flow to the heart.

However, it is actually a preventable disease because it is caused by unhealthy diet, high stress levels, and physical inactivity.

These 10 Foods Can Clean the Arteries, Regulate Cholesterol, and Support Good Cardiovascular Health:

– Pomegranate
Due to its abundance of phytonutrients, the fruit can enhance the production of nitric oxide. Also, it can enhance blood circulation, thus promoting optimal health of the cardiovascular system.

– Orange juice
It is a well-known fact that freshly squeezed orange juice is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Additionally, they can prevent any blood vessel damage and regulate blood pressure levels. Researchers emphasized that the daily consumption of 2 glasses of orange juice offers all the essential nutrients needed to the human body. Plus, the juice can also help in the prevention of developing heart disease.

– Salmon
It is a type of fish that is abundant in healthy fatty acids. Moreover, these acids can prevent inflammation as well as decrease bad cholesterol levels, thus helping in cases of heart disease.

– Nuts
They are an excellent source of unsaturated fats, fatty acids and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve your memory and brain function. If you eat nuts on a daily basis, you can also significantly decrease bad cholesterol levels and support good joint and heart health.

– Turmeric
This extraordinary Indian spice contains curcumin, which is its main active compound. This compound acts as an impressive anti-inflammatory agent that has an ability to lower tissue inflammation and overactive fat accumulation, too. But, by introducing some turmeric powder in your daily diet or consuming turmeric tea, you can prevent the development of any cardiovascular disease.

– Watermelon
This type of fruit can boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. In addition, if you consume watermelon regularly, you can clean your blood vessels very effectively.

– Whole grains
Experts noted that the regular consumption of brown rice, whole grain bread, and oats can clean the blood vessels and prevent any heart issue. Specifically, whole grains are packed with fiber that can normalize cholesterol levels and prevent the development of heart disease.

– Green tea
This type of tea abounds in catechins, which are potent antioxidants. Furthermore, they can protect the heart from any damage. The regular consumption of green tea can reduce the bad cholesterol levels and enhance the metabolism. Scientists suggest that you should consume 2 cups of green tea on a daily basis for optimal effects.

– Cranberries
As a result of their high potassium content, cranberries can regulate the cholesterol levels. It has been found that the possibility of developing heart disease is decreased by 40% if you drink 2 glasses of fresh cranberry juice every day.

– Avocado
It is a highly nutritious fruit, loaded with healthy fats. By daily eating of avocados you can optimize your cholesterol levels as well as support your cardiovascular health.