How to Have a Flat Tummy

One of the toughest things for people to do when working out is achieving a flat stomach. Many people are always working on getting six-pack abs. There is a way to get a trim, lean stomach, but it consists of a proper and healthy diet in conjunction with exercise that works the abdominal muscles.

Things You'll Need
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit
  • Almonds
  • Water
Walk or jog daily for at least 30 minutes. Make sure that the walking or jogging is brisk to increase your heart rate. Doing this will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat much faster.

Do stomach crunches a minimum of three times per week. Stomach crunches are done by lying flat on the floor, bending your knees, and having your feet flat on the floor and your arms at your side. Tighten your stomach muscles and lift your shoulders off the ground. Hold and release. Repeat as many times as possible, increasing the number at each workout if possible.

Add plenty of fiber to your diet but stay away from carbohydrates such as potatoes, white rice, white bread and pasta. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Green leafy vegetables are a good diet choice.

Drink six to eight glasses per day of water. This flushes the digestion of your body and allows you to lose weight faster. Water also fills you up, which means you will eat less.

Avoid eating a minimum of three hours before going to bed. Consume smaller, more frequent meals daily as opposed to two or three big meals to avoid bloating. Munch on a handful of almonds for a healthy snack as they help burn fat.