Tips to Lose Belly Fat During the Day

Tips to Lose Belly Fat During the Day

Belly fat can seem impossible to lose, especially if you lead a stressful, busy life. Exercise alone may not get you the results you crave if your daily habits undo all of your hard work. Simple changes in your daily routine can give you an edge in the battle of the abdominal bulge. Fight stomach fat the smart way by incorporating healthy changes into your lifestyle.

Chill Out
Stress is making you fat. A 1994 study conducted at Yale University analyzed cortisol levels and waist-to-hip ratios in women during timed math trials. The study, which was published in "Obesity Research," revealed a direct correlation between cortisol -- which is released in helpless stressful situations -- and abdominal fat. Avoid harmful, fattening stress by reducing time crunches in your life. Don't wait until the last minute to complete a project. Don't take on more than you can complete within an allotted time frame. Taking things easier at work and in life can help keep those cortisol levels down. Can't avoid stress? Try popping some vitamin C to counteract the cortisol.

Too Many Apples a Day
Fruit contains lots of nutrients you need, but it can also make you fat. Berries are finger-licking good because they are full of fructose sugar. A 2009 study at UC Davis discovered that fructose-sweetened beverages can increase stomach fat and reduce insulin sensitivity. This doesn't mean you should avoid fruit; just don't binge. Moderation is key in all diets, and even fruit can be problematic for losing weight if you overindulge. Be especially wary of items that combine a lot of fruit. Dense fruit snack bars require whopping cups of fruit, including sugary dates, that keep all of their calories when they get condensed into smaller servings.

Go Nuts!
Don't worry, you don't have to go hungry; there are snacks available to you that make you thinner. A 2012 study at the University of Oklahoma found that protein can reduce abdominal fat. Eat a handful of almonds for your snack instead of a smoothie; almonds keep your hunger cravings down and provide your body with protein. Eggs are a great source of protein as well. Crack open a hard-boiled egg, or nosh on some deli meat in between meals to keep your tummy from grumbling. When you do eat a sandwich, make sure to use whole-grain bread instead of refined white bread. A 2012 review of dietary studies revealed that refined bread leads to excess abdominal fat.

Get Up
Sitting is killing you. You can lose belly fat and extend your life by getting up frequently during the day, preferably once an hour, according to the Mayo Clinic. Just getting up and getting your blood flowing can reverse a lot of the problems a sedentary lifestyle causes. Pop headphones into your ears from an MP3 player and boogie in your office for two minutes every hour. Walk up and down a set of stairs. Stand up for phone calls. Turn your desk into a gym by using it for pushups. Just doing some activity once an hour can make a significant difference.