Water Lemon Ginger Diet

Lemon's refreshing qualities and ginger's warming effect make a good natural diet drink. Using lemon to improve the taste of water helps some people drink more water while dieting. Ginger works as a metabolism booster and makes a tasty, palatable diet beverage: a cross between lemonade and strong ginger ale. Use the lemon-ginger water as a natural beverage to assist in healthy weight loss.

Water with lemon juice may assist in detoxification and is considered a liver tonic. Ginger provides thermogenic properties, meaning that it boosts metabolism to burn calories faster. Ginger also combats nausea and fights bloat. Use filtered or distilled water to assist in detoxification.

Take the water-ginger-lemon drink first thing in the morning to flush the liver and reduce the appetite. Drink it as many times a day as desired. Eight full glasses of water a day help to keep the body hydrated. This practice can help jump-start a diet by reducing the appetite and creating a reminder throughout the day to focus on detoxification and healthy whole food choices (unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, fruits, lean protein and whole grains).

Refrain from excessive calorie restriction. Consult with your medical professional before attempting this or any other diet. Follow an exercise program for the best results in weight loss. Drastic diet measures, such as fasting and starvation diets, damage health and metabolism and contribute to the yo-yo effect, which causes increased weight gain following weight loss. Exercise helps to preserve lean muscle, which helps the body burn more fat even at rest. Dieting without exercise may cause a breakdown in muscle tissue, which will lead to the body gaining fat more quickly after the diet ends.

Beverage Choices
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise those who desire to lose weight to cut calories in their beverages in addition to watching what they eat. Sodas, lattes, juices, cocktails, wine, beer and other beverages are often loaded with sugar, and some coffee and frozen beverages are fat bombs as well. Using the water-ginger-lemon beverage to replace high-calorie and empty-calorie beverages could help in weight loss when accompanied by portion control and exercise.