How to Make Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite--the appearance of dimpling in the skin of the hips, thighs and buttocks, appearing predominantly in women--is actually caused by fat deposits that distort the tissue beneath the skin. One study reports that women spend nearly one hundred MILLION dollars a year trying to rid their bodies of this cottage cheese look. You might not be able to afford an expensive spa treatment to minimize the appearance of cellulite, but you can treat yourself with a homemade product using something you probably throw away on a daily basis!

Things You'll Need
  • Old newspaper or towels
  • Coffee grounds
  • Small or medium bowl
  • Seaweed strips or plastic wrap
Place the newspaper or towels on the floor, covering it in a couple layers to keep the coffee grounds from falling on and staining the flooring. This would also be a great way to use up those old telephone books you have lying around the house. Tear out a good amount of the pages and cover the entire floor with them, adding a second or third layer.

Pour the coffee grounds into a small or medium bowl. Microwave in 15-second intervals, until the grounds are warm but not hot. You can also use freshly-brewed coffee grounds; just be sure to let them cool to the point that you won't be burned.

Massage the coffee grounds into your thighs, buttocks, or other area where cellulite appears. Some of the coffee grounds will fall off; this is fine. Massaging the grounds into your skin not only helps minimize cellulite, but it is also a great exfoliant, sloughing off dead, dry skin cells.

Wrap the area with seaweed strips or plastic wrap, covering the area as much as possible. While plastic wrap does the trick as far as containing the coffee grounds, allowing the caffeine to be absorbed and break down the cellulite, seaweed contains natural elements that improve skin's elasticity, and is said to actually absorb fat. Your local health food store should carry seaweed wrap or be able to give you a recommendation on where you can find it.

Leave it on for five to ten minutes. Remove the seaweed or plastic wrap and rinse off the remaining coffee grounds. Repeat one to two times per week for maximum results.