How to Use Ginger to Treat Body Pain

While ginger may be delicious to consume, it's also beneficial to use when dealing with body pain. Doctors believe that ginger's oils and phenol compounds are responsible for its pain-relieving abilities. This homeopathic remedy can be carried out in several ways, most of which involve ingesting warm to hot ginger, to make your aches disappear.

Things You'll Need
Ginger (pill, fresh, oil or powdered)

Purchase a pill containing ginger to relieve your pain. You will most likely find ginger in pill form in an arthritis joint and muscle pill, although ginger pills also are sold on their own.

Relieve gas, indigestion and nausea by eating up to 4g of fresh ginger root a day. Ginger can be purchased from your local supermarket in the produce section.

Soothe your arthritis pain by rubbing ginger oil directly onto the pained joint. Ginger oil does not normally burn or harm the skin, but if you experience any rash-like symptoms, wash off the ginger oil and consult your doctor immediately.

Use ginger to help get rid of a sore throat. Steep 2 tbsp. of shredded ginger in hot water and drink. If you do not enjoy drinking ginger ale, add a drop of ginger oil to a bowl of hot water and place your face 2 feet over the bowl.

Treat your body pain with ginger after having surgery. Take 1g of powdered ginger root with water after you wake up. Do not use this remedy to treat body pain if you have a weak stomach, however, as it sometimes induces vomiting.