Bach Flower Remedies for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a daunting task that requires continuous lifestyle changes in what, when and how you eat. These changes can even affect your mental state. Depression, discouragement, and self-criticism are devastating characteristics that can throw anyone completely off course from the intended goal of weight loss. Bach Flower essence can help you lose weight by subtly changing negative emotions to positive.

Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in 1928, Bach Flower essences are homeopathic remedies extracted from 38 different flowers. Each essence treats a unique set of emotions and can be taken alone or combined with others to make an individualized potion according to your emotional needs. Bach Flower essences are natural, non-addictive, have no side effects, and can be taken with other medications.

Types of Bach Flower Essences
Have you lost enthusiasm for life? Are you discouraged that the weight is not coming off as you expected it to, even though you have diligently stuck to your diet regime? Clematis by itself or in combination with Hornbeam will lift your spirits and renew your positive approach to reaching your goal. Perhaps you are disgusted with how you look at the moment. Crab Apple will help you be less critical of yourself. Bach developed a five-flower essence combination of Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem that are effective in treating emotions of impatience, fear, grief and instability. Correcting these negative emotions to feelings of harmony, tolerance, courage and sanity can help you stay the course for your weight-loss goal.

Bach Flower essence can be taken individually or in combination with up to six flowers. The dosage is usually four drops under the tongue up to six times daily. To find the right flower essence or combination, you can go to an on-line Flower Essence prescriber. Healing Herbs is a good website to select your own combination according to your self-diagnosed emotions. Use an on-line tool that allows you to list your emotions and the correct remedy will be made for you. A local homeopathic herb or health store or alternative medical doctor also can diagnose which Flower Essences would best suit your needs.