Burn Stomach Fat: Targeting Your Problem Area

If you want leaner, tighter abs, you must learn how to burn stomach fat the right way. You may have strong abs, but if you don't burn the fat off that surrounds them, they will never be noticeable (as the fat will continue to cover them). Unfortunately, you can't spot reduce weight, and in order for those abs to shine, you need to elevate your heartrate and burn fat everywhere.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps that will burn that unwanted fat and expose your underlying muscles:

Step 1 - Step Up Your Cardio Workouts

A key component to burning fat is cardio exercise. Focus on the intensity of your workouts, as opposed to measuring the time spent doing them. The more intense your workout, the more fat you will end up burning. Try some new activities such as biking, running, or even water aerobics. Check your gym, local community centers or community colleges for cardio classes that may be of interest to you. There are many alternative kinds of aerobic exercise that may be fun for you and keep you motivated to work out and burn the fat. You should be doing some form of cardio about 5 times a week to recognize the best results. Combine a variety of activities to maintain motivation over the long term.

Step 2 - Build Your Muscles

Building your muscles will also provide excellent results. Muscles need more calories than fat, and the more muscle you have in your body, the fewer calories that end up converting into body fat. This does not mean that you have to bulk up, but just by slightly increasing your muscle mass, you will increase your overall metabolism. Many people just do cardio and overlook strength training when trying to lose fat. However, without healthy and strong muscles, you will have a much harder time burning fat. Try to do 3 strength training sessions weekly for optimal results. This can include anything from lifting weights to low impact strength training like Yoga or Pilates.

Step 3 - Improve Your Nutrition

You need to make sure that the food you eat does not contribute to your body fat, but rather helps in feeding your muscles. To do this, you should really work towards eating fresh, homemade food, as opposed to processed foods and fast foods that contain unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates and calories. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains should be a large component of any healthy diet aimed to burn fat.

Step 4 - Begin Working Your Abs

Once you have all the other elements in place, you should begin a regimen of ab exercises aimed at strengthening your core. Once you are performing these exercises on a regular basis, you should begin to see results soon. Combine any number of exercises, including crunches, double crunches, torso twists and standing side bends for the best results.

Perform these exercises several times a week with your other strength training routine, and your belly fat should begin to melt off.