How to Lose Belly Fat With Smoothies

Consuming nothing but smoothies and water for up to three days should cause you to lose belly fat, because smoothies are low in calories. They consist of nothing but fresh, organic fruit and vegetables. This is a form of detox diet, which flushes harmful toxins from your vital organs, so organic produce is important as it is free of chemicals. However, this is not a sustainable method of weight loss and a nutritious, balanced diet is a far more effective and healthy way of losing weight in the long term.

Things You'll Need
  • Juicer
  • Glass
  • Fresh organic fruit
  • Fresh organic vegetables
Purchase a colorful range of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

Remove kiwi, banana, mango or pineapple skins, carrot or rhubarb tops, and peach or plum pits. All other fruit and vegetables may be juiced whole.

Insert as many different pieces of fruit or vegetables into the juicer as you like, but make sure you include at least three different foods to get a variety of nutritional benefits.

Juice the fruit and vegetables until they form a thick, smooth liquid. This is called a smoothie.

Pour into a glass and drink.

Diet Plan
Drink nothing but smoothies and water for up to three days. Any longer than this is too long to go without solid food. Do not substitute smoothies for fruit or vegetable juice bought in supermarkets.

Consume up to 16 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and up to 16 glasses of water.

Exercise for around an hour each day to complement the minimal diet and create a calorific deficit, which makes you lose weight.

Expect to lose belly fat on this diet, but beware that this is not a sustainable weight loss method and you may pile the pounds back on soon afterwards.

Return to eating solids gradually after the diet to avoid becoming ill.