How to Make A Detox Green Tea Body Wrap

Green tea is a very powerful herb that has many antioxidants that promote healthy skin and natural beauty. It's best known for helping rid of the body of toxins. When using green as a detox body wrap - you will remove toxins from your skin as well as tone your skin. Not to mention how relaxing this body wrap can be. Give it a try!

Things You'll Need
8-10 cups of distilled (boiled) water
1-2 cups of green tea powder
2 cups of any type of skin clay
1 cup of sea salt

First, you need to have your 8-10 cups of distilled water. If you can't access purified water - just boil a pot of 8 cups of hot water. (DO NOT ADD SALT.) Let it boil, and then let it cool on the stove for about 20 minutes until the hot is still WARM BUT NOT HOT.

You should then start to shift your green tea powder into your warm water. It is very important to stir as you shift to mix it correctly. After you have shifted all your green tea powder into the water - add the sea salt and then the skin clay. Mix until it's a paste texture.

Here comes the fun part - applying your body wrap. It's best to start at the bottom and work your way up. Start at your feet - apply a small amount to your hands and apply a thin layer on your body. It's best to do a full body wrap for best results.

Let the body wrap stay on for 10 - 15 minutes. Lay on a towel to prevent making a mess. Stay in a warm environment. (You can get chilly with body wraps.) After 15 minutes max - take a shower to rinse it off. Apply lotion and enjoy soft skin!