Torch Your Belly Fat in Less than 15 Minutes a Day

To burn away that belly fat, there are two things you need to do: blast the muscles and get your heart beating. Adding the right cardio/abs workout to your upper body and leg workouts is the smart way to get in shape--not to mention burn away those pounds around your midriff. With just 15 minutes of cardio/abs per day, you'll be in great shape in no time!

Very Important: Do this 15 minute routine at full intensity (no rest, no pauses), and you're guaranteed to give your body an amazing workout that will burn away the fat. Even if you don't go all-out, it will still help to burn the fat--just not as quickly as it could.

The 15-Minute Belly Shredder


The most loved/hated exercise of all, burpees are simple and exhausting. Start with your feet together and your hands high above your head. Bend over and place your hands on the floor, and jump your feet back until you are in plank position. Hold for a second, and jump your feet back towards your hands to stand up straight. Repeat this 30 times.

Plank Up and Plank Down

You've gotten your heart pumping with the burpees, so it's time to focus on your core. Get into the push-up plank position, and hold yourself on your hands for five seconds. Once you reach five, lower yourself onto your elbows without bending your core--using only your arms to do so. Hold the elbow plank for five seconds, and go back up to regular plank. Do this for 30 seconds in each position--or 60 seconds total.

Squat Jumps

It's time to get your heart working hard again, so get ready to squat. Bend your knees until you're in a proper squat, and then straighten your legs and jump high into the air. Do this 25 times, and feel your lungs and legs burning.


This works out your side, back, and ab muscles, so it's a great core workout to help you get your core in shape. Lie on your stomach on the floor, extend your arms and legs, and lift your shoulders and knees off the ground to assume the "Superman" position. Hold for a five-count, then roll over onto your back and assume the "Banana" position--shoulders and feet off the ground, arms and legs extended. Hold for a five-count, then roll back into the "Superman" position. Switch back and forth six times each side for a total of 60 seconds.

Jump Rope

Time to get back to your feet and get your heart pumping once again. Break out the jump rope and get skipping. Don't bother with high jumps or tricks, but just skip at a decent speed for 90 seconds, or 100 jumps (whichever comes first). Your calves will be on fire, and your lungs will be gasping for air.

Plank Side Tucks

For the final exercise, it's time to hit those abs and side muscles, and get is some more cardio. Assume the plank position and jump your feet to your hands--but bring both feet towards your left hand to tuck your knees into your chest. Bring them back to plank position, and jump them towards your right hand. Do this just 15 times per side, and your lungs and core will be burning.

Congratulations! You finished the 15-minute ab-shredding, fat-blasting workout! Do this once every day (or a variation on it), and you can say goodbye to that belly fat in no time!