Why Black Tea is Bad for your Health – 10 Reasons

Come winter and off from the shelves come our baggage with stuffy winter clothing. The comfort of the cozy blankets, the sheer touch of the soft beanies and jumpers, all gel together to bring out a feeling of much needed warmth and love. To add to it, a hot cuppa black tea with a good book or a good movie completely force you to stay in the bed and pamper yourself. The heat that gets generated in the body due to the hot beverage is something which keeps you calm and shields you from the biting cold weather. But, this erstwhile wonder of black tea might be actually working as a termite feeding on your corporeal frame, eating you from within. The often lauded beverage has some serious ill-effects on your health which do not catch your attention. Yet, you know that there is only so little you can afford to miss out when it comes to your health. Keeping that in mind, we’re compiling a list of ten reasons why black tea is actually bad for your health. Read on, think, and decide whether it is time to cut down on that cup of comfort.

10. Constipation
It is human tendency that one would believe that more the amount of liquid that goes in the body, more the degree to which your stomach gets cleared of the waste material, but this is far from truth, certainly so in the case of black tea. Black tea contains a substance known as tannin. This substance otherwise has quite a few health benefits, but, it also urges the body to store precipitate for way too long. This cause constipation which is for sure, not just unhealthy but irritating as well.

9. Acidity
This one here is something which most of you must have noticed yourself quite often. Once we gulp down a cup of hot black tea, it leads to a burning sensation in the stomach, at times. What’s more, it gets worse if you drink it on an empty stomach. High level of caffeine and the concentrated nature of black tea leads to production of acid in the stomach, causing uneasiness and nausea.

8. Dull Pearlies
There are innumerable quotes that have been composed on this one aspect of human personality- Smile. It is often said that your smile can do wonders not only for yourself but for others too. Now, you wouldn’t want to destroy that innate power of yours, right? The black/reddish pigment of black tea leads to staining of teeth. The pearlies that you we are sure you are proud of, tend to get discoloured due to constant rupturing of the enamel.

7. Overactive Bladder
The overload of caffeine content in black tea causes the urinary bladder to get heavy excessively. In case you are already suffering from an overactive and super sensitive bladder, then you must do away with over consumption of black tea. An overactive bladder not only creates health problem but at the same time, can cause hindrance in normal day-to-day activities too, crippling you in a very subtle way.

6. Osteoporosis
By now, almost all of us have heard how carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi lead to sever cases of osteoporosis. What if we tell you that they are not the only devils in the disguise of a tasty beverage? Yes, black tea too follows suit. Its high level of caffeine dissolves calcium of the body and propels its expulsion from the body through urine. Brittle bones is a condition which none of us would like. So, it only makes sense that you ditch that cup of black tea and opt for a healthier alternative such as green tea or white chamomile tea.

5. Hormonal Imbalance
Black tea’s ill effects are at times, absolutely bizarre. One such ill-effect is the excessive production of estrogen. Black tea’s chemical structure is such that it fastens the process of estrogen production. Thanks to the erratic lifestyle conditions and food habits, hormonal problem is one which seems to be catching hold of the masses too quickly. In such a scenario, going ahead with a cup of black tea knowing that it can trigger breast cancer, uterine fibroids or ovarian cancer doesn’t seem a very intelligent move to make.

4. Stiffened Arteries
The seemingly harmless cup of hot black tea can cause problems which are quite severe, such as stiffening of arteries. Black tea is more concentrated in nature than its counterparts, such as oolong tea, white tea or green tea, and hence, leads to more issues. The presence of caffeine again causes this problem. If your intake of black tea exceeds four cups a day, then you seriously need to curb it down.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease
Science says that the presence of aluminium in the body can trigger Alzheimer’s disease and act as a catalyst. The hitherto dear cup of mesmerising hot black tea contains, though quite less, but a certain amount of aluminium which can irk your health to a great extent. Black tea might soothe your body and drive away your stress for the time being, but in the long run, it is bound to trigger diseases with which you would definitely not want to associate yourself.

2. Anxiety Disorders
The (post)modern society is one which has clutched the proper functioning of a usual human being. This crippling effect does not cease at the borders of physical health. It transcends into the realm of mental health and causes utter distress to a person’s well-being. There has been a steady increase in the number of persons affected by anxiety disorders, of late. Often, we find ourselves gulping down our favourite hot beverage to calm down our nerves and attain relaxation. Little do we know that the presence of caffeine in that cup which you thought would be your Guardian Angel, can actually create a pattern within your body of anxiety attacks. Interesting to note is that the calm and tranquility that you achieve with hot black tea is more of a placebo effect than the beverage actually healing your pain.

1. Kidney Stone Formation
Just when you think that the wondrous cup cannot be worse, you come across this! As much as we hate to burst your bubble of happily-ever-after like existence with black tea, we need to put forth the little information that we have regarding the bad effects of black tea. There is a chemical compound called Oxalate which leads to formation of kidney stones. And needless to say, this compound is found in black tea, giving us another reason to break up with our companion-for-long.

Having listed some of the bad effects of black tea, we’d like to tell you that you are the only person who can treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, i.e. nothing less than the best. For that, if you need to curb your black tea intake, then it should not be that hard a decision to make, considering the fact that your health is at stake. You might not want to completely eradicate it from your daily routine, but you can surely cut down the number of cups of black tea you drink daily. You may switch to alternatives such as white tea or oolong tea, both of which are less concentrated than black tea, and hence, less harmful. Also, green tea is another great alternative, alongwith an even healthier option of rich vegetable soup. Go on; make some changes in your daily routine and say hello to a healthier you!