Unusual Tips to Lose Stomach Fat And Get Flat Abs

To lose stomach fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume. You can do this through diet, exercise or both. While you may already know many of the common-sense tips for losing weight and pulling in your tummy, you might not know the less usual, even surprising pointers that can help.

Food and Drinks that Boost Metabolism
The antioxidants in green tea have been found to reduce amounts of the body's fat absorption while stimulating metabolism. Drinking green tea every day can boost your metabolism. Chocolate also has metabolism-boosting antioxidants. Sprinkle cinnamon on your food whenever you have the opportunity, since it's been found to reduce blood glucose. If you like spicy foods, you're in luck. Eating hot peppers, as well as the spice turmeric, boosts your metabolism, and the spiciness can cause you to eat more slowly, helping you control how much you eat.

Eat to Curb Hunger
Replace starchy carbohydrates with foods high in fiber because they make you feel fuller with fewer calories. High-fiber foods also take longer to digest and burn more calories in the digestion process. Try replacing your usual breakfast cereal with bran. Snack on cucumbers and celery. They're filling, hydrating and extremely low in calories. Also, choose legumes over meat as your meal's protein if you want to lower your cholesterol and lose weight. Legumes make you feel more full because they're high in fiber, and their effect on regulating your blood sugar helps you curb hunger for a longer period.

Exercise in Intervals
You can't spot-reduce or do an exercise to reduce stomach fat alone; you have to lose fat all over to lose inches off your waist. If you're looking for the most effective, time-saving exercise for fat loss, include bursts of high-intensity intervals in your cardio exercise activity, such as running or cycling. You'll burn more calories and release more fat-burning hormones, according to physiologist Jason Talanian, PhD. Also, you'll have a longer "after-burn" period by including high-intensity intervals that really challenge your muscles, so you benefit from a metabolism boost hours after your workout.

Do Ab Exercises that Recruit More Muscle
Ab exercises strengthen your abs so flat muscles grow beneath the stomach fat as you lose it. The Pilates roll-up is 30 percent more effective than crunches in giving you a six-pack since it's a wider motion range. The abdominal hold is also a more effective exercise in training your abs because it uses your lower body rather than your upper body as resistance, causing you to recruit your lower abs as well as your upper abs and giving you more weight resistance to challenge your muscles. To do it, sit on a chair with your hands on the edge, fingers facing forward. Pull in your abs and lift your body off the chair so your feet are 3 inches above the floor. Hold as long as you can and repeat. By working your arms and legs as well, this exercise burns more fat than the typical ab exercise.