10 Home Remedies For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most diagnosed and lethal forms of cancer that affects the colon or large intestines known as rectum. What makes it even more dangerous is the fact that it gradually spreads to the other vital organs in the body and causes serious risk for life if not checked on time. A host of reasons are responsible for colon cancer that includes improper diet, lifestyle, genetic disorder, addiction to tobacco and alcohol etc. The symptoms that indicate being affected by this form of cancer include drastic and sudden weight loss, rectal bleeding, erratic bowel moments, sluggishness, stomachache etc. There are several options available in medical science like laproscopy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy that can neutralize colon cancer but timely process to counter colon cancer with home remedies can also save the day of those who are affected or showing early symptoms. The most immediate change certainly comes from change in diet and inclusion of healthy lifestyle.

Here Are 10 Home Remedies For Colon Cancer

Flax Seed
Flax seeds are brown and yellow in appearance, contain proteins in abundance. Most importantly, they have vital omega3 fatty acids, vitamins and fibers. This combination of various fibers and proteins deter the accumulation of toxin and cuts down the risk of colon cancer big time. Include flax seeds in your diet as they contain lignin that blankets intestinal bacteria to transform them into phytoestrogens.

An everyday kitchen ingredient that garlic is, very few persons knows that it combats colon cancer with the compound organo-sulfur. Daily consumption of mashed garlic paste with a few drops of honey is one of the oldest remedies to keep the risk of colon cancer at bay.

Fibrous Foods
Colon cancer affects the intestines badly and this can also pose threat to other organs like stomach and liver. For internal healing, intakes of fibrous foods become absolutely important. Option in fruits include papaya, guava, raspberries that also enhance bowel movement. Leafy vegetables like spinach, beans would also constitute roughage in diet that act against harmful toxins and blocks the storage in the internal layer of the intestines.

Avoid Red Meat
It is known for a fact that red meat increases heart problems by increasing cholesterol, its consumption is as risky for those suffering colon cancer or showing early symptoms of it. Therefore it is highly advisable you limit the intake of red meat to only few ounces in a wee. Expect even better results if you opt for fat free red meat which is grilled and not cooked with a lot of spices. Not to forget processed meat sausages and bacon that is salted.

Ginseng Tea
It is needless to say that ginseng has lifesaving properties and this herb is also a great home remedy for colon cancer. What make ginseng tea so impactful are prostaglandin reduction capabilities. Have a cup of ginseng tea twice a day and the risk of colon cancer can be reduced significantly.

Green Tea
Another beverage that has miraculous effect on colon cancer in its earlier stage is a green tea. Green tea is one of the few leaves that does not lose majority of its properties even after processing and eliminates cancer cells straightaway. Research has shown drinking green tea regularly has controled aggravation of colon cancer which has been detected in its initial stage.

It is rich in antiseptic and medicinal properties. If consumed regularly, it creates a layer of curcumin which protect the digestive system and deters the growth of colon polyps.

It is good source not just for strengthening bones, colon cancer patients too can get benefited at the same time. It is particularly advised to those who have a family history of colon cancer. One word of caution though; low fat or skim milk should be preferred to any other available milk variants.

Salty Snacks
They just do not make for afternoon snack. Munch a few salty snacks and follow with loads of water to keep the rectum clean. You can include these healthy snacks in between the meal timings i.e during mid-day morning or during evening.

Whole Grains
Daily serving of whole grains measuring at least 25 to 30 grams provide enough fiber to protect the intestines against colon cancer. Add to that, it improves digestion cycle and negate all the effects of carcinogen that forms carcinogenic acid. Therefore whole grains in the form of brown bread should be consumed along with your daily servings of green and ginseng tea.

Reducing alcohol intake can single handedly  colon cancer or any other form of cancer completely. Alcohol not only increases the risk of colon cancer but also cancer for breast and mouth. Being extreme in its composition, it immediately ruptures the tissues. Worse, it can alter the DNA into cancer cells. Therefore start with decreasing your alcohol to a couple of drinks and try to weed it out completely. There is no substitute for daily exercise that can be a definite home remedy for colon cancer. Include cardio vascular exercise like brisk walking and jogging for thirty minutes a day to make sure that the weight is in check, which is another reason of colon cancer.