16 Home Remedies For Vertigo

Vertigo can run the gamut from feeling lightheaded, to giddy and dizzy or having the feeling of ‘head spinning’. In short, vertigo is a sudden strong sensation of feeling woozy which could lead to falls. Vertigo can be constant, sudden onset or chronic; it can last for seconds, days or even longer-for weeks. The good news is that you can overcome and prevent it naturally without resorting to medication. Here are 16 home remedies to cure vertigo.

1. Include iron rich foods in the diet
Vertigo usually afflicts people with anemia –the condition when there is not enough iron in the blood to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Therefore, people with vertigo must get a blood test done to check for anemia. If the Hemoglobin is indeed less, you must consume a diet rich in green leafy vegetables. Spinach is especially rich in iron and so are beets and kale. Other food sources of iron are chicken liver, oysters and clams, sardines, beef, nuts, raisins, prunes, and seeds. Iron fortified foods like cereals, whole grain breads etc can also help.

2. Avoid excess sugar and salt
Salt and sugar are especially bad for people with vertigo as they could worsen the symptoms. So ensure reducing their intake.

3. Avoid bad fats
Saturated fats and trans fats lead to plaque formation in the arteries which does not allow the blood to flow freely. Avoid consuming a fat-rich diet. You can always include good fats like olive oil, avocados, walnuts and coconut oil in the diet to deal with vertigo as they make blood vessels healthier and alleviate the symptoms of dizziness.

4. Ginger
Amongst the best vertigo remedies, ginger is a prominent one. Ginger is known to settle the stomach in case of motion sickness. Sucking on candied ginger during travel can help reduce nausea and vomiting. You can drink two to three cups of ginger tea with honey. If you aren’t fond of its taste, you can take ginger supplements for chronic vertigo. Make sure you include ginger in your curries, stews, soups, marinades etc.

5. Drink celery juice
Celery is known to stabilize the blood pressure. So drink plenty of celery juice daily.

6. Apple cider vinegar with honey
Apple cider vinegar is nature’s gift to mankind. Drinking it on an empty stomach can balance the pH of the blood. Mix organic ACV with some honey and orange juice and drink it daily to cure vertigo fast.

7. Homeopathic solutions to deal with vertigo
Homeopathy has many remedies for dealing with vertigo naturally. The homeopath will take your complete medical history and understand the nature of your exact symptoms before suggesting a remedy. Generally following remedies can be used to cure vertigo:

Conium and Phosphorus Baryta Carb are recommended for vertigo in elderly patients
Cocculus, Nux Vomica may be recommended to patients dealing with vertigo owing to Tinnitus or Meniere’s syndrome.

8. Keep well hydrated
Dehydration is the number factor that can cause dizziness. So drink plenty of water. You can also increase your fluid intake by drinking herbal tea. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks which dehydrate the body further. This is an important remedy to include as part of your home care regime for vertigo.

9. Eat almonds
Almonds are packed with proteins and help strengthen fragile patients dealing with dizziness owing to an illness. Patients must eat at least 4-5 soaked almonds daily and also drink almond milk. You can also add ground almonds to a glass of warm milk and drink it before bedtime to reduce symptoms of vertigo.

10. Eat strawberries and yogurt
Crush some strawberries and mix them with a cup of plain yogurt. Eat this mixture daily as it is one of the best known natural vertigo cures.

11. Eat gooseberries and lemon peels
Both, Indian gooseberries (or Amla) and lemon peels, are rich in vitamin C which can help ease vertigo symptoms. The reason behind this is that vitamin C helps with iron absorption and reduces anemia. You could include lemon peels in the diet by adding them to salads.

12. Quell queasiness with black pepper, salt and lemon juice
Dizziness and vertigo often start with nausea. As soon as nausea hits, try to drink a strong mixture of lemon juice, salt and black pepper with a glass of warm water. This will help settle the stomach and prevent symptoms from worsening.

13. Rest
Weakness can also cause dizziness. So make sure you get adequate rest for 7-8 hours every night. Lack of sleep can aggravate vertigo symptoms, so avoid late nights as far as possible

14. Sit down right away
If you feel a sudden attack of dizziness coming, try to sit down immediately. Avoid making sudden movements. Avoid bright lights by closing your eyes for a few minutes. As the dizziness recedes, slowly rise. Take your time and allow the blood pressure to become normal.

15. Sleep semi-recumbent
This is a home remedy for patients who suffer spells of dizziness upon waking up. Try and sleep in the semi-recumbent position (which means your head is halfway between flat and upright (at 45 degree angle)). Try and keep your head vertical through the day as much as possible. You can use two pillows when sleeping.

16. Practice deep breathing
Deep breathing improves the blood flow to the brain region and reduces stress. Sit down in a quiet place. Inhale slowly counting to 5 and exhale slowly counting again to 5. Do these exercises a few times till your blood pressure stabilizes.

In some cases, Vertigo might indicate a serious underlying health issue. If your symptoms worsen over the next few days, do not hesitate to get yourself examined by a doctor. We hope these 16 vertigo cures help you deal with the dizziness naturally and effectively.