5 Easy Yoga Poses For Periods

Women experience a number of problems related to their menstrual cycle. There are problems related to irregular or delayed periods or excessive cramps during the time and other problems. There are several yoga postures which help women overcome the discomfort related to their periods. If you have been suffering from any such problems, you can try some yoga postures for relief. Though medicines are usually available, there are several harmful side effects associated with these medicines which will cause harm in the long run. Regular practice of a specific yoga postures is highly recommended for those who suffer from periods related problems in some form or another.

Best Yoga Poses For Periods

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose is quite effective for those suffering from irregular periods problem. You need to stand on ground and keep the legs apart. Legs should ideally be shoulder width apart. You can start the exercise by turning the right leg at an angle of 90 degree to your body. You can start bending towards your side till your palms touch floor. You can then raise your left hand and try looking at the tip of your left hand fingers. You should stay in this position for at least 3 minutes and then get back to starting point and repeat.

Head To Knee Forward Bend

You need to start the exercise on a seated position. Your legs will be in an extended position. You can bend your right knee outwards and form a 90 degree angle. You will press your right foot towards the inner left thigh. You can grab your left foot or shin and slowly inhale. Square your hips and slowly lengthen your torso just above the leg. You can gently exhale and then fold forward from groin area. You will extend and lengthen your spine through chest. Let your back lengthen. You will then move and pull in your left toes backwards and then extend through left heel as you press your right foot in left thigh. You can press your sit bones down. You will be breathing normal. This exercise helps in reducing anxiety, headache, discomfort and stress during periods.

Diamond Pose

An effective exercise for those who are suffering from irregular periods. Start by sitting on floor. Keep legs folded just under the body. Your spine should be straight. You can close eyes and then place your right palm just on right knee. This will be done with your left palm too. Inhale slowly as you count 10. Exhale. You will be imagine all your disorders and anxieties leaving your body with this pose. You need to repeat this exercise for 10 miniyes and then rest for sometime.

Camel Pose

This is very effective for all kind of period problems. It helps in removing fatigue and menstrual discomfort and anxiety. For this, you need to start by kneeling down on floor. The hips should be quite a distant apart from one another. You will turn the thighs inwards a bit. Press the shins and your glutes. Point the fingers down. You will inhale as you slowly lift the chest. Move to press the shoulders downwards towards the gips.

You will slowly exhale and move your hips a bit forward, as if you are trying to lengthen them near your body. Your back will be arched backwards. Place your hands just at the back of the hips. You can also place them on heels. Toes should be well pressed on the floor. Slowly lift up your heels highly. Your hands will be used for stabilizing as you move to push your hips forward. You will lift the chest area. Slowly drop your head backwards and look up. You will keep breathing steadily throughout the process. You can remain in this pose for at least 30 seconds or more. It helps in stretching hip flexors.