5 Home Remedies To Increase Breast Size

These days, many women opt for breast enlargement with cosmetic surgery. Such procedures are painful, have a considerable down time and, as claimed by many experts, may even be unsafe. That brings us to the question: “is there any natural way to increase bust size quickly?” Let us explore some options and home remedies to increase the size of the breasts naturally:

1. Use female hormone therapy
Female hormones are responsible for determining the size of the breasts. During puberty and pregnancy, these hormones play an important role in enlarging the breasts. It is due to this reason that breast size could increase by taking estrogen based oral contraceptives. The down side to this method of increasing breast size is the side effects which include weight gain, acne and so on. Also, women who use female hormone therapy also increase their risk of developing breast cancer.

2. Phytoestrogens and foods to increase breast size naturally
Many phytoestrogens (plant based foods that mimic estrogen) can be used to increase breast size naturally without adverse side effects like increased risk of cancer etc. Phytoestrogens bind to estrogen receptors and mimic the actual estrogen, fooling the receptors into thinking or reacting like them.Research is still going on the efficacy of phytoestrogens to increase breast size naturally. However, initial results are suggesting that they also have added benefits like reducing cancer risk. Foods containing phytoestrogens are: soy, wheat germ, sesame seeds, berries, oats, barley, alfalfa, mung beans, ginseng, apples, carrots and pomegranates. Eat these natural bust enhancing foods to see results.

3. Use massage to increase breast size
Massage could increase breast size to an extent. You can go for self massage using creams, oils or even perform a dry massage. Always massage for 5-10 minutes daily to see results. Use downward motion-which means that your hands should move down and away from the heart instead of upward. You can also self massage at night time to enable blood circulation and increase breast size overnight.

4. Take herbs that increase breast size naturally
Many herbs like fenugreek and wild yams are known to increase breast size naturally and without adverse side effects. Both contain diosgenin which is capable of binding to estrogen receptors. Dr. James Duke has mentioned these herbs that increase breast size in his popular book The Green Pharmacy. Another herb to increase breast size is saw palmetto. The fatty anabolic fruits of this herb help increase weight and bulk by strengthening the tissues and increasing energy and vitality. It also has estrogenic action that increases weight and size of breasts in women. You can take saw palmetto tinctures or capsules based on the guidance of an herbalist. A few studies have been conducted to test efficacy of this herb to increase breast size, that too on animals. More research is needed to see if these findings stand true for women. Other possible natural breast enlargement herbs include:
  • Motherwort– This herbal remedy has been used in Europe and China to cure menstrual problems. Tests conducted in China on this herb have shown that they can stimulate development of new tissue and also treat menstrual problems. The herb could also increase breast size and may be used as part of home remedies to increase breast size.
  • Damiana-This herb has been used in Mexico since centuries for hormonal issues. It is a phytoprogestin and mimics the role of normal progesterone which is linked with breast development.
  • Dong Quai– More and more western practitioners are turning to this Chinese herb which is known to regulate menses and also increase breast size. If you are looking to increase breast size naturally, then this is one of the herbs to try with the guidance of a trained TCM practitioner.
  • Hops– Hops or humulus lupulus are often taken in the form of tea to improve sleep issues and anxiety symptoms. Hops have phytoestrogenic effects as a result of which, certain formulations can be used to enhance breast size. More research is needed to support these findings.
  • Fennel– Fennel supplements can aid in breast enlargement. Many women also take fennel after delivery to increase milk supply.
5. Increase bust size exercises
Several bust enhancing exercises can help tone ligaments and muscles of the breasts to reduce sagging and increase breast weight. You can talk to your personal trainer to help you out. Exercises like push-ups, dips, and chest and arm strengthening machines also work on the breast and chest region. Then there yoga poses. Many Yoga asanas work directly on the ligaments of the breast to increase their size and improve the shape.
  • Bhujanga asana- Cobra pose- In this pose, you lie on the stomach first. Then slowly raise your upper body up to the navel area. Do not straighten your arms completely; keep them bent at the elbows at an angle. This will pull up the breast muscles and strengthen and tone them. Continue breathing deeply in this pose. Hold this asana for at least 15 seconds and do sets of 3 each. Try to be as steady as possible in this pose. Keep the feet with heels facing the ceiling, throughout the duration of the asana. Figure below shows the pose:

  • Dhanurasana- The Bow pose- In this pose, you lie on your stomach, to begin with. Hold each of your ankles with corresponding hand. Raise the body from both directions so it rests on the stomach. Continue breathing deeply and with each inhalation, stretch the body pulling with the feet, while still holding the pose.

Perform these yoga exercises daily to increase bust size naturally within a month.

The answer to the question, ‘how to increase breast size naturally’ could lie in the above home remedies.Whatever you do, stay away from bust enhancement pills and creams that promise quick results. Many so called ‘increase bust size overnight creams’ claim to give you natural breast enlargement in a short period of time. However, a majority of them have been known to be a total waste of money as they just do not show expected results. You can use the creams to massage your breasts and improve blood circulation, but for that purpose, you may use any oil or cream which is hypoallergenic and easily absorbed by the skin. Other than that, you can also use the above exercises and home remedies to enhance the bust size.