5 Natural Remedies For Infections

There are various types of infections – bacterial infection, fungal infection, viral infection, etc. we may suffer from any of these infections in our daily life. Apparently they are not serious at all especially at the primary stage. But they must be treated with great care and importance before they turn complicated. The most common among these infections are bacterial infection which is mainly treated with antibiotics. There are a few common natural ingredients which work wonderfully to treat all these infections.

Here Are 5 Natural Remedies For Infections

Turmeric is one of the common ingredients of your kitchen. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property. It works almost like magic on different types of infection. If you are affected by acne, apply turmeric paste on your acne daily. It will serve to kill the germ and will treat acne because of its antiseptic property. Turmeric also works well in the intestine infection. Mix a tablespoon freshly ground turmeric powder either in a glass of milk or hot water and drinks it.

Drinking this solution twice or thrice daily may save you from stomach infection like diarrhea. Circumin present in turmeric has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory property and it also contains high antioxidant property. It has been observed that regular intake of fresh turmeric helps to prevent cancer. Because of anti-inflammatory property it reduces swelling and pain if there is any in the body. Turmeric paste also works well in treating boils – one of the very common infections in summer.

Neem Leaves
Fresh neem leaves are another effective home ingredient that saves us from various infections. Pox, hum, etc. are frequent infection in spring time. These infections are very infectious and spread rapidly from one person to another, from one family to another family. Neem effectively both prevents and control these infections. Eat fried or baked neem leaves daily to get rid of pox and hum.

Make neem water, boiling fresh neem leaves in water, and use it for bathing purpose. It helps you to get rid of pox, hum and acne. Crush some neem leaves and extract the juice. Apply this on your acne. It helps a lot to remove acne and acne marks. If you have irritable bowel syndrome and do not find any appetite just chew 2-3 neem leaves at the beginning of your meal. It will work as an appetizer.

Basil Leaves
Basil works well in a throat infection. Crush some fresh basil leaves to remove the juice. Mix this juice with honey and lick it daily. It helps a lot to get rid of throat infection, swelling and pain. Both honey and basil work well in cold and cough. Basil also works well in treating acne. Basil has some antioxidant property which helps to prevent cancerous infection.

Garlic has excellent antibacterial property. It helps to treat different bacterial infections like acne, diarrhea, boils, throat infection, etc. effectively. Crush – cloves of garlic and apply it on acne. You will soon get rid of acne. Boil some crushed garlic in water and drink that water to get rid of diarrhea. Use plenty of garlic in your food if you suffer from chronic stomach upset. Drinking hot garlic soup also helps to solve the problem of throat infection.

Yogurt contains some good bacteria which effectively kill the harmful bacteria which cause indigestion, constipation and loose motion. Eat a small bowl of sour yogurt daily to boost up your digestive system killing all the germs and bacteria.

Practice these natural treatments along with maintaining hygiene to keep all types of infections under control.