5 Signs It's Time For A Lung Detox

As we progress in our bad habits it is important that we keep a close eye on our health. Especially when it comes to our lungs. If you are worried that you have been pandering to a bad habit such as smoking, then this article is just for you. These five indications can tell you just how filthy the inside of your lungs actually are.

1.Coughing Up Blood
If your lungs have because so damaged that you are now coughing up blood, this is usually a case where either your lungs or upper respiratory tract has an issue. This indication should be a great red flag for immediate attention or else you may suffer further severe health issues.

2. Short Breath
When you have a shortness of breath this is typically due to a heart of lung condition. Essentially what it can be narrowed down to is that since both are involved with the transportation of oxygen to tissues and the removal of carbon dioxide, if either of these have problems then this usually causes a shortness of breath.

3. Relentless Mucus Accumulation
This can happen when our airways are infected and or irritated. They will then produce relentless amounts of mucus as a defense mechanism against whatever is damaging your lungs. If you proceed in producing mucus for more than a month this is usually an indication of poor healthy lungs.

4. Relentless Chest Pains
When you have incessant amounts of chest pain that lasts longer than a month this is a pretty big warning sign. This means that the lungs are having a tough time inhaling oxygen or exhaling oxygen by coughing.

5. The Chronic Cough
This cough lasts for over a month and is considered to be chronic in nature. This cough is the result of failed medication and is a sign that there is something wrong with the respiratory system.