5 Superfoods That Are Proven To Fight And Prevent Cancer

It's understood that a preventative approach to health is the most beneficial. We do our best to pay attention to the foods we eat, our family history, and exercise to limit the chances of us getting diseases and cancer.

Cancer is caused by many aspects. Despite the various causes the effect is similar with each case. The body begins to create 'foreign' cells that continue to abnormally grow. These cells react with cells still following genetic code and the interaction isn't pleasant.

American Institute for Cancer Research has created a list of foods and drinks that are believed to ward off cancer. Go here for the full list. I picked some foods I like or thought interesting: tomatoes, apples, whole grains, coffee, and garlic.

This non starchy vegetable is high in carotenoids and vitamin C. Consuming tomatoes regularly may dramatically decrease the risk of mouth, throat, stomach and lung cancer.

High in fiber and vitamin C, an apple a day really can keep the doctor at bay. It has been known to lower the risks of colorectum, mouth, stomach,lung and throat cancer.

Whole Grains
High in carbohydrates and fiber, more research needs to be conducted to nail down established connections.  It is believed to lessen the chances of colorectal cancer.

Many people are still under the idea coffee is bad for you. Leave out the sugar and cream, and drink it moderation and it can prevent endometrial, liver, pancreatic and kidney cancer.

Garlic is all round helpful to our bodies. It turns out that high and frequent doses of it can stop stomach and colorectal cancer.