5 Surprising Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is defined as an inflammation of the bronchia and respiratory tract lining caused by bacteria and/or viruses. It is good to mention that this illness cannot lead to fatalities, but it is highly recommended to start treating it once you notice the first symptoms. Some of the main symptoms of this illness include intense cough and yellowish secretion accompanied by weakness, nausea, chest pain and increased temperature. If you want to avoid the long, expensive treatments filled with drugs that are usually recommended by doctors, you can try some of these natural remedies.

1. Nettle tea
In order to prepare this tea you will need two liters of boiling water, 50 grams of dried and chopped nettle root and 50 grams of dried and chopped nettle leaves. Put the root and leaves in two liters of boiling water. After that, cook the mixture for about five minutes. Once the time is over, stop the cooking and leave the tea for about four hours until it is completely cooled. Next, warm the amount of tea that you will drink and drink it right away. The rest of the tea should be consumed in the same manner throughout the day.

2. Horseradish, ginger and honey
In case you are dealing with bronchitis and cold, you can create a natural remedy by mixing two cups of raw honey, half a cup of ginger (chopped) and half a cup of horseradish (chopped). Mix everything well and let the mixture stand still for 15 days. After that, take one tablespoon of this remedy in the morning. If you can’t stand the taste feel free to add one tablespoon of this remedy in your tea and drink it. As you can see, this is primarily a remedy for prevention of bronchitis. Of course, since bronchitis usually appears during the winter period you can always prepare it in advance (just in case).

3. Flaxseed
Unlike the rest of the natural remedies against bronchitis, flaxseed is used externally. So, people who want to eliminate bronchitis will need to create compresses based on flaxseed and place them in front and behind of the chest. To create a compress, you should take one cup of flaxseed and pour one cup of hot water over them. After that, live them on the stove in order to boil them. Use the mixture on the chest before bedtime for two nights in a row and you will feel better.

4. Onions
Onion is a well-known remedy against bronchitis. The main reason behind its efficiency is the presence of compounds that can dissolve phlegm and prevent the formation of new phlegm. All you have to do is to drink one tablespoon of onion juice in the morning right after you wake up.

5. Spinach
The juice obtained from fresh spinach mixed with raw honey, water and ammonium chloride is another example of an effective remedy for bronchitis. Take this unusual mixture throughout the day and you will notice improvement after a couple of days.