9 Home Remedies To Get Pregnant Fast Naturally

If you are wondering if there are any natural home remedies to help you get pregnant fast, then the answer is yes. All of the remedies described below are easily available, affordable and also effective. So, if you are unable to get pregnant owing to PCOS or irregular periods, try these natural alternative remedies to increase your chances of fertility.

1. Fight the blues
One of the most important causes of infertility is stress and anxiety. Too much stress can increase testosterone in the blood and interfere with the body’s ability to get pregnant. So try some home remedies to fight the blues and beat stress. These include regular exercise, proper healthy diet, meditation and yoga.

2. Reduce and eliminate toxins in your environment
Many women have seen excellent results by eating organic food and eliminating toxins that enter the body through shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and even water and food. So try and eat healthy as much as possible. Select fresh organic produce and choose lean organic meat cuts. Drink distilled filtered mineral water. Do avoid fish like shark etc as they have high mercury content which is especially harmful for pregnant women or women trying to conceive. Change your brand of shampoo, detergent, household cleaners, and deodorant and choose organic gentler varieties. You can even make homemade versions of many of these products.

3. Avoid certain foods
Many women are unaware of the fact that certain foods can interfere with their ability to get pregnant fast. These include caffeine which decreases fertility by 50% as well as chocolate, soda and sugars. These foods all impact the ovulation rate as well as hormonal balance. Do avoid alcohol which has high amounts of sugar for at least 4 months before trying to conceive. The same is the case with smoking. Also check your medicines since many common pain relievers contain caffeine.

4. Exercise
Exercise is a must for optimal health and especially necessary for getting pregnant fast naturally. Daily walk or jog of 30 minutes is necessary to maintain ideal body weight, since obesity is a leading factor that affects fertility. Try to exercise outdoors in order to get adequate Vitamin D- a must-have nutrient for healthy pregnancy. The reason why exercise is one of the best natural remedies to get pregnant is because you end up with more energy to have better sex. This, in turn, increases your chances of pregnancy naturally.

5. Best remedies to get pregnant with PCOS
PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome which can interfere with one’s menstrual cycle and cause many health problems like weight gain, hair loss, facial hair, bloating, cramps and so on. The natural remedies for PCOS are mainly dietary and lifestyle changes. Avoid junk food, fried foods, and sugary desserts. Exercise daily for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Drink plenty of water. Eat fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

6. Add certain foods to the diet
Now that we have briefly discussed foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant, we will also discuss important foods to eat when trying to conceive naturally:
  • Fruits- all organic varieties
  • Vegetables- all kinds especially dark leafy vegetables. Choose local and organic fresh produce.
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Do focus on foods rich in Vitamin B, folate etc. Folic acid is particularly needed to avoid birth defects. So, eat plenty of asparagus, avocados, dark leafy greens, eggs, oranges, nuts, whole grain breads and cereals, beans, fortified foods and drinks (preferably sugar free). Zinc is another vital nutrient to add to your diet. You can get zinc through sea food, oysters etc. Zinc is also recommended to men having low fertility count.
7. Note the timing of sex
Your doctor might have already discussed the timing of sex as well as factors like basal temperature, cervical mucus etc. These factors tell you when your body is ready to conceive. The thing is that these tend to make sex a chore and often turns off couples completely. So try and relax and do not look at these factors too seriously. The best is to have sex twice a week to strengthen the connection between you and your partner and also improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

8. Position during intercourse
The position during intercourse is important for conception and must not be overlooked. To increase your chances, avoid positions that allow the sperm to leak away easily. The woman on top is one such position. Optimal conception usually occurs in the missionary position. Women can place a pillow under the groin region to lift it up. This helps the sperm swim faster to the egg to better your chances of conceiving. Avoid getting up too quickly after sex. Also avoid douching or washing right after intercourse.

9. Home remedies to get pregnant with a boy or girl
Having intercourse during specific times of a woman’s ovulation cycle is known to guarantee the gender of the baby. In general, the best remedy to get pregnant with a girl is to have intercourse 7 days prior to ovulation and then every day until 3 or more days left for ovulation. Later, try and avoid sex until you are sure ovulation is over. Also women must not orgasm as this makes the vagina more alkaline whereas you want an acidic environment to kill the weaker Y sperm. Conversely, if you are trying for a boy, have sex 2-3 days prior to ovulation and then every day until after ovulation. Deep penetration is especially necessary here, so the smaller, weaker Y sperm reaches the egg quickly. Orgasm of the woman during sex can help in contracting the sperm into the womb for greater success. The man should drink one cup of strong coffee to increase motility of sperm.

Look into these 9 natural home remedies to get pregnant soon and you will discover your own solution for your infertility. These natural remedies will actually improve several other health issues including facial hair, hair loss, or menstrual cramps and bloating. Most importantly, these remedies will help you create a strong and healthy body which will, in turn, become a nurturing environment for your baby.