How Raw Food Diet Entirely Changed This Woman’s Eye Color!

Can a raw food diet change our eye color? Many people find this difficult to believe! If this is possible, we cannot but ask what kind of food we should eat more in order to achieve this.

According to iridology, the eyes are indicators of the internal wellbeing and balance.  Many people who have followed raw food diets claim that their eyes have become much clearer or even changed their color.

Supporters of raw food diets claim that cooking makes food toxic and can leach out critical nutrients, which in turn leads to hormonal imbalance.  Therefore, a raw food diet can boost immunity, treat allergies and headaches, boost your memory, and improve your health at several levels.


Iridology is an alternative medicine technique which uses the eyes to determine information about one` s systematic health. It has been found that changes in the pattern or color of the iris often indicate a certain health issue.

Since the eye color is genetically inherited, child`s color cannot be determined prior to its birth.  The iris is the colored component of the eye and as the child grows the eye color changes. So, if child`s eyes can change over the years, why adults` can`t?

Eye color is determined by a set of three genes, two of which are understood by genetics. In fact, the way genes affect human eye color is extremely complex and difficult to understand! Colors cannot be labeled as being dominant or recessive based on their hue and saturation as many options arise when two string of DNA recombine in order to produce a new set of genes. Consequently, the iris is similar to a fingerprint as there are no two people with the same pattern.

A raw food diet improves circulation, boosting body`s ability to remove toxins from the body.  As a result, the concentration of pigment in the eyes changes, leading to change in vision or changes in the eye color.  According to “Living and Raw Foods”, the iris can change its pigment when the person consumes raw foods which are free of toxins typical for cooked food.

Further research needs to be done on this topic in order to back up these claims. But, as we all know, science doesn’t always match up with experience. Regardless of the outcomes, many practitioners claim that iris` color may shift through green, blue, and light gray as a result of eating raw foods.