How To Effectively Detox Chemicals And Toxins Through Your Feet

Detoxing through your feet is one of the more effective ways of purging unwanted toxins from your system without having to change your dieting or nutrition in take at all. Furthermore, detoxing through your feet is also one of the safest practices to letting your body be rid of all the nasty stuff that lurks inside your body.

There are a variety of ways you can give yourself a very soothing and relaxing foot detoxification and all extremely beneficial too!

Ionic "Feetox"
This is probably one of the more soothing feet detox methods that you can give yourself. The warm salty water you dip your feet into is put through an electrical process that creates negative and positive ions within the water that purges your body of toxins formed by processed foods and saturated fats. This bath also allows for air pollution you absorb into your body to be completely detoxified.

"Feetox" Pads
This method entails the pads being made of bamboo/tree extracts that you can find in a variety of health-food stores. They are often referred to as Detox patches. When you apply the pad to your feet before you go to bed, they will suck all of the toxins right out of your body. When you remove the pads in the morning, they should be much darker from all of the excess toxins that were flushed. This method of practice is very simple and does not require a foot bath to soak your feet in. Just one use and your body is clean from all the unwanted junk!

Hopefully this has helped you get a little more acquainted with detoxing through your feet.