How To Naturally Thicken And Regrow Hair

There are many reasons a person may experience hair loss. The high variance in why you are loosing your hair, makes the condition hard to treat. Factors can range from a hormonal imbalance to stress. Knowing why you are loosing your hair is key to fighting back. Hair loss can effect people very negatively.. Hair loss can lead to a loss self esteem, making you feel insecure and not confident.

A doctor can screen your body for reasons that you are loosing your hair and help you choose a solution. A visit to the doctor and many treatment options are expensive. You should find out why its happening because it could indicate more serious health issues. As you look for reasons you can fight back with this simple and cheap hair growth solutions.

Be careful about many of the expensive treatment options. They will promise you a lot and frequently let you down. Most of the general, non specific treatments fight to stimulate the hair follicles and clear away toxins.

This concoction's active ingredient is guava leaves. Guava leaves are rich in vitamin B which is essential for healthy and fast growing hair. It's simple to use and you can expect results within the month! You can by guava leaves at most health food stores and some general grocery stores.

Start by boiling a liter of water with a heavy handful of guava leaves (2 cups or so). Let the pot simmer for twenty minutes. Let it cool. Rub the mixture into your hair and leave it for a couple of hours. for the best results, massage it into your hair and leave it over night.

You can get a shower cap to make sure you don't ruin your sheets or pillows. Use a mild shampoo to get it out.