Want To Learn How To Relieve Stress In Just 1 Minute? This Is The Best Therapy

If you are constantly finding yourself in endless pain and need a quick relief from the burden, then you may want to try acupressure and reflexology, two methods that are aimed to providing discrete relief for an abundance of pain/symptoms without ever having to schedule an appointment.

Try out some of these methods that are a combination of the two practices. You won't believe the results of how bliss you'll be in afterwards.

1. For Fatigue
Massaging your whole hand with a very gentle pressure. Pressing directly on the point of your middle finger that is just below/on the side of your nail, the side closest toward your index finger.

2. For Head Colds/Sore Throat
Massaging your whole thumb as well as warming it. You may apply pressure for an extended period of time on the meaty section that is the web of your hand. Be sure to apply specific pressure to your thumb on the tissue to the inside that is by your nail.

3. For Tension/Pain In The Neck
Massaging the middle part between the knuckle at the top toward the base of your finger. Be sure to do this for every finger on both of your hands.

4. For Headaches/Migraines
Focus on the area that is at the base of your fingernails. Apply pressure on the index finger as well as the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

5. For Upset Stomach
Massaging your whole thumb, warm it up. This method will react to the stomach and spleen meridians. You may also press directly into the center of your palm.

These are all amazing demonstrations of quick relief with the use of acupressure and reflexology. You'll be a pro at relieving your own stress in no time!