Why You Should Eat Okra Every Single Day

As it originated in Egypt, okra has been widely produced ever since the 12th century. Simply for the fact that okra can be prepared in a numerous amount of ways which include, fermentation, eat it fried, or even stick it in a stew, okra is the perfect ingredient in just about anything. However, okra is usually served with other variety of vegetables as well as being put into soups.

So, what are some of the amazing healthy benefits that come from consuming okra every single day in your diet? Listed below are some of the various effects that digesting okra can do for you.
  • Fights Depression - Research on okra indicates that it has the power to fight against depression. The conducted study was to see how okra would have en effect on a persons mood, testing the same with some fruits and vegetables. The results showed that okra seeds extracts had acted as a strong enough agent that is used for elevating a persons mood, which ultimately could be a better alternative to antidepressants.
  • Ward Against Cancer - Okra has even been able to perform the ability to fight against cancerous cells. A protein found in okra that is often referred to as lectin, is able induce death to cancerous cells up to 72%.
  • Ward Against Diabetes - Another study that was conducted on rats was able to show that when given okra, the rats blood sugar levels had decreased as well as normalization of their lipid profile levels. Essentially what the researchers found was that okra is a major blood glucose-lowering food that contains large amounts of soluble dietary fiber. Which is traditionally used as an alternative treatment for people with diabetes.
These are just some of the added benefits that come with incorporating okra into your everyday diet. Start looking up some of your favorite recipes with okra today!