How To Remove Age Spots, Blemishes, Moles, And Skin Tags The Natural Way

When it comes to naturally taking care of your skin, you must remove all of the chemically induced skin care products that you have. Your skin is a very delicate piece of your body that deserves to be treated with the most natural ingredients there are.

You will notice just how different the condition of your skin has become after trying these natural remedies for a couple of days of experimenting!

1. Remove Age Spots
Age spots could be caused by being exposed too much in the sunlight. Fortunately, with the help of lemon juice you can use it as a bleaching agent for your skin. Apply lemon juice to the area in question a few times everyday and you will begin to notice the spots lightening up instead of being dark. Make sure that you wear sunscreen when you go out!

2. Remove Blackheads
Removing blackheads is actually pretty easy with the help of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Using apple cider vinegar first with a little bit of water can help remove unwanted blackheads by balancing the acidity of your skin. Then afterwards, apply coconut oil as a moisturizer to your skin to help maintain the overall healthiness of your skin as it heals from the apple cider vinegar.

3. Remove Moles
Moles are typically considered harmless, all though it is important to know the various signs of skin cancer when it comes to having moles. Crushed garlic is a wonderful naturally remedy when it comes to getting rid of unwanted moles. Apply to the area of the mole, then cover the are with a bandage for about four hours per day. You can also apply apple cider vinegar to the area of the mole too, however it is a less effective than the garlic is.

Hopefully these natural skin care tips have helped you in vanquishing all the unwanted blemishes on your skin!