How To Stop Stomach Rumbling -13 Best Growling Stomach Home Remedies

Growling stomach or stomach rumbling, belching and flatulence indicate conditions related to foods you have eaten or your eating habits in general. However, if the growling stomach is accompanied by pain, change in bowel movements or other serious symptoms, then it may indicate a more serious condition which must be brought to the attention of a doctor. Here are some effective home remedies to stop and avoid noises from stomach.

1. Treat underlying irritable bowel syndrome
IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common causes of stomach noises after eating. It is a clear sign that your body is protesting against certain foods. It could be dairy, eggs, cheese, beans and other fiber rich foods which cause flatulence and give rise to stomach noises, rumbling and growling. The best way to stop rumbling stomach is to avoid such foods that inflame the gut. If needed, keep a food diary and a watch which foods cause the stomach rumbling. Then slowly eliminate those foods one by one.

2. Improve digestion
If you are looking for growling stomach remedies and ways how to stop the embarrassing noises in school and at work, then you must first study ways to improve digestion. Once you do this, you won’t need any medicine for stomach noise and the problem will be automatically cured. The best ways to improve digestion include:

Reducing stress through mind body techniques
  • Avoiding overeating
  • Eating the right foods without allergens and which suit your system
  • Avoiding carbonated drinks and caffeine
  • Avoiding fatty, oily foods
  • Quitting smoking
3. Eat slowly and chew mindfully
One of the most common reasons for stomach rumbling gas is eating too fast and not chewing the food adequately. So get into the habit of chewing the food slowly. Avoid opening your mouth wide as this lets in more air inside your stomach causing flatulence. This is the simplest home remedy to avoid noises from stomach.

4. Avoid sipping beverages through straws
Straws actually let in more air in your stomach which then causes flatulence and stomach growling. So avoid drinking through straws and sip your beverages slowly and mindfully.

5. Treat heartburn
Does stomach growling worsen when you lie down, lift something heavy or strain, sneeze or cough? Then you could have heartburn. Make sure you treat underlying heartburn first in order to stop stomach growling after eating.

6. Eat small frequent meals
Sometimes, the best medicine for rumbling stomach is food. Eat small, easy-to-digest meals and take small bites while chewing the food thoroughly. This is a proven remedy how to stop stomach rumbling gas.

7. Treat constipation
In many cases, stomach rumbling, bloating and gas can be attributed to constipation. Make sure you have a bowel movement daily. If needed, take a laxative the night before to clear and empty the bowels each morning.

8. Could it be gall stones or gall bladder inflammation?
In many cases, excess rumbling or stomach growling accompanied by pain in the upper right side of the chest, abdomen and back could be linked to gall stones or inflammation of the gall bladder. Contact your doctor immediately if these remedies to stop stomach growling noises do not work.

9. Diarrhea
Another common reason behind stomach noises is diarrhea. If you have eaten something that your stomach did not agree with; let nature take its course. The body will throw out the germs through diarrhea. If the diarrhea does not get better within a day or two, do see your doctor. 

10. Watch your intake of alcohol and drugs
Alcohol, smoking and drugs such as antibiotics, iron tables or aspirins can also cause stomach growling and rumbling. Stopping these substances is one of the proven ways to stop stomach growling without eating.

11. Drink fluids after meals
Instead of drinking huge amounts of water during meals, take fluids only after meals. This aids in digestion and is one of the simplest ways how to avoid noises from stomach.

12. Avoid snacking and late night meals
Late night meals harm your digestion. Your stomach needs to shut down at the end of the day, when the other parts can do their jobs while you rest. If you keep on piling food after midnight, there aren’t enough enzymes and juices to aid the digestion processes. So do avoid snacking and late night meals if you are looking for ways for preventing stomach noises.

13. Use home remedies and herbs to stop stomach growling after eating
Following home remedies can help cure and prevent stomach rumbling and growling:
  • Ginger tea- Ginger is a proven remedy for upset stomach and indigestion
  • Chamomile tea- This is another effective natural remedy to stop stomach noises as it aids digestion.
  • Peppermint oil and tea– Peppermint relaxes, soothes and aids in digestion.
  • Fennel seeds – Fennel seeds stimulates digestive juices and enzymes to prevent indigestion and stomach noises
  • Apple cider vinegar is a perfect home remedy for stopping stomach growling particularly if you have overeaten during a meal.
  • Baking soda mixed with half a glass of water is a proven remedy to stop stomach gas, indigestion and bloating. It neutralizes stomach acid and relieves gases which give rise to stomach noises.
The next time you face stomach growling, it may be time to try these proven growling stomach home remedies for fast relief.