Blend These 3-Ingredient Shots For Accellerated Weight Loss, Faster Metabolism & Bowel Movement

Did you wake up and feel so exhausted and/or achy that you wish you could go back to bed immediately? If not, I’m sure you know what that’s like…

Many of us try to “push through” and resolve the issue by drinking some strong coffee. Unfortunately, this only wears down the immune system further. Instead, try something that boosts the immune system, while giving you energy at the same time.

Green Smoothie Shot
In order to keep your energy levels high, you need proteins. This super smoothie contains high amounts of potassium, vitamin B, C and 10 grams of protein.

2 teaspoons organic ginger root powder
2 teaspoons organic turmeric root powder
1 teaspoon raw organic honey
2 cups organic spinach
100 grams frozen organic blueberries
1 pinch black pepper

Put all these ingredients in your blender and mix them. If you do not like it too thick, add some water. You can make it in larger amounts and keep it in the fridge.

Metabolism Booster Shot
To have an energized body, you need to stimulate your metabolism, as it turns the nutrients you consume into energy necessary for the day.

½ ounce organic apple cider vinegar (we recommend this)
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 organic lemon, freshly squeezed

Cayenne pepper increases your metabolism through a process called thermogenesis, or heating up the body. Therefore, it will stimulate your metabolism and prevent extra weight. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are popular ingredients with a broad range of benefits.

Digestion Booster Shot
Furthermore, to have the needed energy, nutrients need to be properly digested in the body. Indigestion may lead to reduced energy during the entire day, as well as other health issues.

½ ounce organic apple cider vinegar
2 teaspoons organic ginger root powder
1 organic lemon, freshly squeezed

Lemon juice improves the metabolic function and thus promotes proper digestion. This healthy smoothie will boost your metabolism and thus provide lots of energy. If it is a bit strong for you, you can add some water to dilute it.

Moreover, note that your breakfast is the critical meal in the day since you are eating it after an 8 or more hour-long fast. Therefore, always try to eat as healthy as possible.

These 3-ingredient health shots are a perfect alternative and will supply the body with significant amounts of energy needed for the day.