It Eliminates The Swollen Stomach Without Going to the Doctor!

Today, the swollen stomach is one of the diseases that most affect people around the world. Whether for eating on the run, stress or a variety of other factors, the swollen stomach is usually a quite uncomfortable and even painful digestive condition in some cases.

Today we ‘ll show you how to say goodbye to swollen stomach, without the need to go to the doctor.

Main causes of inflamed stomach
Excessive accumulation of gases in our digestive system gives rise to swollen stomach. Here we tell you what are the main factors that give rise to this uncomfortable condition.

-The constipation.
-Eating carbohydrates excessively can cause bloating
-The stress slows the metabolism, thus making our digestive functions from being hampered.
-The lack of water in the body can also cause abdominal bloating.
-Eat quickly and without chewing well , it can also be main cause of a swollen stomach.

How to treat the inflamed stomach without going to the doctor?

Then we leave some tips and home remedies , so you can prevent and treat this disease quickly and naturally.

-Watch your diet, and try above all to consume large amounts of high-fiber foods.

-Try not to eat too many carbs and replace those for fresh fruits and vegetables.

-Make physical activity to burn calories and also to release stress and tension.

-Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

-Take your time when you digest every bite; Do not eat if you are in a hurry or nervous.

-Make your dishes every day, antioxidants such as garlic, onion or apple fibers , such as green leafy vegetables, cereals and oats ,, and relaxing spices , such as oregano, bay leaf, cumin or fennel.

-Try to reduce fat consumption.

-Consume yogurt; It has powerful good bacteria that help treat bloated stomach.

-The ginger is also excellent when to face any kind of digestive disorder.

-The banana , thanks to its high potassium content, is able to remove sodium from our body, which contributes to fluid retention.

-The cardamom is also very effective when improving the digestive process.