This Juice Has Cured 45 000 People

Rudolf Breuss From Austria dedicated his life in the hunt for cancer cure. Indeed for the most effective natural treatment.

He created a special juice that’s giving excellent results in the treatment of this disease. With the assistance of his technique, cured over 45,000 individuals from cancer and different incurable diseases. According to Breuss we can survive solely with the assistance of proteins.

It is therefore developed a special feeding program for 42 days, throughout that they drink just tea and a special vegetable juice, a main ingredient of the beets. Throughout these forty two days the cancer cells starve and die, while improving the health of the complete organism.

Breuss ’s juice is formed solely from ecologically fully grown vegetables. The juice is created at home from home-grown vegetables, and consists of: beetroot (55 percent), carrots (20 percent), celery root (20 percent), potatoes (3 percent) and radish (2 percent).

It is vital to notice that with the juice of beet mustn’t be exaggerated, however it’s necessary to require the maximum amount as associate degree organism during this medical care is asking. Beetroot is more ancient and well-known cure for leukemia. These vegetables contain amino acid, that has anti-cancer properties.

Therapy beets, which incorporates a daily intake of beetroot juice or grated raw beetroot contains a proved positive impact on leukemia and lots of different sorts of cancer, as proved by thousands of individuals.

But regular consumption of beetroot helps against diseases caused by oxidation stress, a fiber containing beetroot will cut back blood cholesterol levels by up to 40 %.

Beetroot is well known that normalizes pressure level and helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.

Beetroot preventing and treating varicose veins, if we have a tendency to consume a day. Iron from beets could be a powerful tool for cleansing the body of poisons and blood building. As a result of this beet is effective within the treatment of the many diseases caused by toxins.

Beetroot should be consumed, in particular pregnant ladies can consume as a result of it’s B vitamin, that prevents several diseases of newborns.

In addition, beet juice stimulates the liver and digestive fluid and prevents constipation, and combined with carrots, beetroot is a wonderful remedy for gout, kidney and bladder.

But its not healing doesn’t stop there, beetroot is superb expert and helps with headaches, toothaches, dysentery, pain within the bones, with skin and expelling issues.