Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For Sinus Headache Relief

Sinus headache  is one kind of headache which is accompanied with sinusitis. But you should know what are the symptoms of sinus headache as well as the reasons why sinus headache is caused. On the first hand, sinus headache can cause pressure and pain around the sinuses; for example, in the forehead, above the nose, behind and between eyes. And this area can be tender to the touch.

On the other hand, if you have headache pain only, you may not have sinus headache. So how can you know whether you have sinus headache or not? The answer is that with headache pain, there are some symptoms as well which include fatigue, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, and nasal discharge. And the factors which cause this disease are swelling in the nasal passage, nasal bone spur, sinus congestion and inflammation.

These are 17 natural home remedies for sinus headache which you can do to remove sinus headache quickly:

1. The Hot & Cold Compress
When you apply this remedy, it will help to relieve blocked sinuses as well as open them up in order to decrease the inflammation. Thus, if you have sinus headache, let’s follow this detailed direction below:

- Now pour warm water into a pad to make hot compress meanwhile wrap some ice cubes to make cold compress
- Then apply the hot compress for 3 minutes
- Next apply the cold compress immediately after taking the hot compress
- Leave it on more than 30 seconds
- Do this process from three to five times a day
- Repeat every day until your condition is better

2. Ginger
A remedy which can be found and implemented easily is ginger. It has an effect in treating sinus headache because of its anti-inflammatory properties along with painkiller properties. And this is the recipe you are able to consult:

- First cut a fresh ginger root into slices
- Then put them into a cup of boiling water
- Next let it steep for 10 minutes
- After that, strain the liquid
- Finally, drink ginger tea when it is still warm
- Follow this remedy several times per day daily until all the symptoms of sinus headache are gone away

Alternatively, you can chew ginger thoroughly or apply ginger on your diet every day. in addition, you may take ginger supplements daily.

3. Steam
In order to treat sinus headache, why don’t you try to steam? When you steam, this will help you to relieve nasal congestion and clear the nasal passage. Plus, it calms the mucus membrane. Here is the detailed instruction you ought to follow:

- Firstly, take a saucepan
- Next boil water about 10 to 15 minutes
- Add a few drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil into the steam water
- After that, drape the towel over your head
- Finally, inhale the steam so as to clear the nasal congestion as well as headache
- Do this remedy once a day daily until you feel better

4. Eucalyptus Oil With Olive Oil Or Coconut Oil
With the strong anti-inflammatory properties inside, eucalyptus oil can help you to decrease inflammation and mucus production. When you want to get rid of sinus headache, you just need to consult these steps below:

- Take a few drops of eucalyptus oil
- After that, dilute with two teaspoons of olive oil or coconut oil
- Then rub this mixture of oil gently the aching and swollen areas
- Do this remedy several times per day as needed

Besides, you can use eucalyptus oil as this way:

- Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad or a clean handkerchief
- Take it close to your nose
- Breathe in
- Do this process as needed. It will give you an immediate relief from sinus headache

5. Basil Tea
One of the effective and natural home remedies for sinus headache is basil tea. Basil leaves have cineole, eugenol, and camphene which can help to reduce inflammation and relieve allergic reaction. Moreover, basil leaves contain antiviral properties which can cure any infection causing sinusitis and headache. Furthermore, the cool soothing properties may help to relieve the pain associated with headache as well as sinusitis. Therefore, when using this method, these things need to be prepared well:

- Ten basil tulsi leaves
- Ten black peppercorns
- A piece of ginger
- Sugar candy (it is used to sweeten)
- A cup of water

Here is the detailed instruction for you:
- Firstly, wash the basil leaves and ginger carefully
- Secondly, peel the ginger
- Thirdly, mix basil leaves, ginger and black peppercorns
- Now crush them all in order to get a paste by using mortar and pestle
- Add the paste into the water and then boil it
- After that, simmer the mixture until it decreases to half of its quantity
- Next strain the liquid and add sugar candy into this tea
- Finally, drink this tea every morning when there is nothing on your stomach or after your meals two hours

Besides, you can use basil oil for the steam inhalation.