Leave this paste on your hair for 5 minutes and white hairs will disappear - This Is Not A Joke

White hair in early age is one of the biggest beauty challenge for all of the girls these day, all credit goes to pollution and stressed life style but do you know only chemicals available in market are not the only solution of this problem.

Today I will tell you one natural remedy that will take just 5 minutes and can cure this problem.

For this you will need on;y one ingredient – Potato

Peel 5-6 potatoes
Store all peels in a pan
Add 2 cups of water
Heat it on high flame, when it start to boil, reduce the flame
Let it boil for 20 minutes
Let it cool down and then filter it
First shampoo and condition your hair
Now massage your hair with this potato water
DO not rinse it again, let it air dry
Dry and brush your hair