Alarming Signs of Mold Toxicity

Toxic mold is item that we get exposed to by all the time, breathing, ingestion, touch. Mold can grow behind a wall, under floors, and can be lethal.

The mycotoxins are chemicals that are contaminants in clothing, furniture, they damage joints, immunity, nervous system and more.

Also mold is seen in irritants and allergens as to a study 25%-28% of north Americans have genes for problems of mold in water-damaged buildings.

Signs can imitate other issues and are joint pains, fatigue, headache, food intolerance, weight issues, blurry vision, numbness, light sensitivity, sleep and mood problems, inflammation, auto-immune issues.

50% of USA buildings are damaged from water and have mold and bad ventilation.

Foods that create mold; grains, chocolate, wine, nuts, coffee

How to remove mold?
When you remove it of the body, you are fine. Use ERMI, mold detection test from EPA. Samples are for the home, office and all places you want checked.

What if the test is positive?
Always talk to mold expert to see the sources for all measures needed. Repair all leaks, clean mold and air paths.

Then again do the test to see if all is good.

If you have any signs from above, talk to a doctor trained for Shoemaker Protocol or someone that knows more on mold.

Avoid all foods with yeasts, fungi (carbs, sugars). Add supplements for detox too like: activated charcoal and glutathione.