Remove Abdominal Fat Using Only Baby Oil And Camphor

Remove Abdominal Fat Using Only Baby Oil And Camphor

There are many ways to remove abdominal fat such are drinks, juices, exercise routine or a strict diet. We all want to be fit either to impress someone and feel good about ourselves is true that what matters is inside but it must worry about the outside. And all that you will do it using baby oil and camphor.

In fact if you want to see faster results you should be combined with an exercise routine.


Camphor (1 tablet and a half).
Baby oil (medium container).

The first thing you should do crush the tablet and half of camphor, then place it in the container of baby oil and stir well until thoroughly blended. A tousled look let stand for 2 days and then one more time stirring again.

  • First clean the area where you will apply the oil.
  • Apply the oil and then must perform a massage mood in the area with the applied oil.Massage movements must be circular and for at least 20 minutes.
  • They can do the massage in the evening and although initial way the odor is strong, after a while it goes.
It is recommended to have discipline with the application of this oil so they can have a positive outcome and once more also have pending that massage should be done with much encouragement, since abdominal fat tend to be a little difficult to remove.