5 Reasons to Eat More Pistachio Nuts

Pistachios are the seeds from pistachio tree, native in central Asia and Middle east. The nut is green tint and the shell beige. The pistachio is similar to cashew, another good culinary seed. They are eaten with Asian and Middle East recipes, also Chinese eat them double more than Americans.

Many diets promote the whole foods and less processed food. Whole30, Paleo diets are diets like our ancestors had. The less processed the food, the more health for us. Whole foods have more nutrients and processed ones more calories and no value.

Pistachios have little processing since they are picked and packed already. Often are eaten whole, In salads, deserts, and are good still. They have protein, fiber, minerals.

Why eat these more?
Besides the fact that they are amazing and better than chips or donut, here are the reasons…

Heart health
More nuts means less heart risks. Experts advise handful nuts daily. They remove bad cholesterol, make more good one, and keep heart healthy. Studies said pistachios are amazing and better than other nuts. A serving daily vs. other nuts meant lower bad cholesterol. Two servings daily meant even better result

These have lots of fiber. This is crucial for digestion, constipation and diarrhea curing. Fiber Is good for everyone, especially those with Crohn’s disease. Due to the fibers, they can be added for energy, less fatigue and lightness. Also they have phytochemicals and antioxidants for GI tract

Better complexion
We need vitamin E for the skin, so 100 g of these has 15% daily needs. Seeds also have good oils for moisture of the skin, and the oil is good both orally and topically. This makes the skin nice and slows down aging. They block UV rays and prevent skin cancer too.

No diabetes
Pistachios prevents from diabetes and prediabetes. People were divided in 2 groups, one with healthy diets and pistachios and the other without pistachios. The first group had less glucose and insulin and less insulin resistance.

Better immunity
Protect yourself from strep throat, cold, and bigger issues. They have antioxidants and boost lutein inside. Lutein is carotenoid in chocolate and reverses cell damages. Studies said carotenoids fight infections and even cancer. These nuts have B6 vitamin for more red blood cells and white blood cells.

No food is magical for health problems, but it affects us greatly. Pistachios are worth it. they are lower in calories than other seeds but more useful. Add them at least few times per week and improve the health.