Detox for the Lung, Colon and Liver – Every Toxin Is Gone After 3 Days! Also Fat, Excess Water and Clogging in Arteries Is Gone Too!

We still eat processed foods even though we know they are unhealthy. But, today you can see the best detox plan for whole 3 days that will change you fully.

Dairy is prohibited 48 hours before the detox since the dairy digests slow.

To detox all the way, lungs also have to be clean, so have laxative tea daily. Lungs have many toxins, but with this tea you can clean them and also cure constipation.

Mix ½ cup water and 2 lemons juice. Have this prior breakfast and lungs will feel lighter while digestion will get better.

Also cup of pineapple or grapefruit juice is a next step. These fruits have many antioxidants and aid in respiratory health.

Have 1.5 liter carrot juice between the breakfast and lunch and this juice will alkalize the blood. The beta carotene in the carrots is amazing for the lungs.

Prior bedtime
Have 340 ml cranberry juice to remove bacteria of the lungs. This fruit is good for the urine and urinary tract, for the blood and getting antioxidants too.

Have the same drinks for 3 days and every organ will get cleaner, fat eliminated and toxins as well as excess water – gone.