Remove Ear Pain And Infections

The ear infection is a sharp and dull pain that is almost unbearable. You might see them all at once and discover why the baby cries when this happens. The ear pain is a really bad issue and makes you try any pill or item you have in the medicine urgent case, sometimes even antibiotics since they soothe the pain.

But, never use them for the EARS! The newest AAP reports say this can be cured by focusing on dealing with the pain and not using meds. Usually, this passes naturally and antibiotics can make you resistant in the future.

The causes for this are tonsillitis, cavities, sinus infections, teeth grinding and more. But the most common is AOM or acute otitis media.

This is shown through swelling and infection in the middle ear. The pain comes from the fluid behind eardrums. Signs are fever, sickness, ear pain. For kids and babies, you can see this if they are pulling their ear and are restless.

The best 10 cures

Cut it in halves and put one of them on the ear. Also warm it up and tuck it in. or place it directly with a warm cloth. This compress lasts for 15 minutes, until cool. Also, get the lemon juice and heat it up. Put a few drops in the ear.

Hydrogen peroxide
Soak cotton and add some hydrogen drops on it. This removes debris and after that rinse the area with warm water.

Tea tree oil
Few drops inside the ear.

A great antibiotic and analgesic. It soothes any infection. Add 1 tsp minced one and 2 tbsp any oil. Heat this up and apply 2-3 drops inside the ear.

Put a few drops of ACV and leave for 60 seconds. Repeat this every 12 hours.

Kills inflammation and soothes ear pains. Put a few drops of this juice in the ear. Also, heat ¼ cup sesame oil and ginger root around the ear.

Bishop’s Weed
The best cure for ear ache. Warm up 3 tbsp sesame oil, and add 1 tsp bishop’s weed. Of this use 4-5 drops for the ear.

Use hot water or its bubbles for the ear. Make also a heat pack. Put rice or popcorn in a pouch or old sock and seal it. The heat will be emitted!

It kills bacteria and inflammation so take the juice of few basil leaves and put a few drops in the ear.

Olive oil
This oil is like lubricant with immediate effect. Also, it stops buzzing in the ears and inside them. Warm it up and apply some drops in the canal of ear.