Strange Uterus Bleedings, the Causes, Signs, Curing and Facts

The name says it all, abnormal uterus bleeding AUB is irregular bleeding and former name is dysfunctional uterus bleeding DUB. This is longer and heavier bleeding, infrequent and irregular periods.

Medical experts say this is common for those in far end of reproductive years, adolescence and near menopause stages. Even 20% of AUB patients are over 45 years age.

This usually passes after hormones are normal again. Often it is hormonal and caused by other issues too. Many methods cure this to prevent anemia.

Also if a woman has AUB, she must not be pregnant. Also she should not have pelvic problems. Here are the things concerning young and older women.

When the ovary releases an egg, estrogen levels drop. When this fails, the endometrium lining in uterus can thicken. This lining is shed and this makes the bleeding out of the period cycle or it changes the period to lighter or heavier. Other things cause this too. Abnormal uterus growths also do this. And blood clotting too.

It is AUB probably if the woman has strange bleeding and periods. Also this can make more bleedings and in between periods.

One common sign is heavy bleeding. Experts say if you bleed more than normal or pass blood clots, or pads and tampons are soaked, this is it.

Some  have signs along the period like bloating, cramps, tenderness in breasts and more.

If this bleeding is untreated, the woman might get anemia. Also infertility may be caused too and experts say that growths of the lining and heavy bleedings may make risk of uterus cancer.

Many methods can cure you. Doctors take into consideration some things like age, heavy or light bleeding, pregnancy wishes and so on.

Since AUB is mostly by hormonal imbalance, hormones are given usually in contraception pills. But this is not good for teens since it may have side effects. Older women and teenagers may take NSAIDs.

Home cures
To prevent anemia the main issue with AUB, iron foods in the diet is good idea. Have ginger, and ginger tea. Also chaste tree is amazing for the hormones and eases AUB.