The Parsley Tea Is a Good Cure for UTIs, Ovary Cancer, Anemia and Kidney Stones

This tea was used even in history and is the best advice a herbal expert will give you; it is good for PMS regulation as well as uterus issues after birth. This tea is used as cure for many diseases to the kidneys. The parsley tea stops salt seeping in the tissues, thus keeps the liver and kidneys clean.
  • Have this tea when you have an infection or kidney stones
  • Prevent colon cancer in men and women, and cervix cancer for women
  • It has folic acid good for the heart
The parsley also has vitamin E, C and A, minerals too and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol. If you have hypertension, use it for this too.
  • This tea soothes the gut, improves digestion and removes gasses
  • It is rich in iron and helps in anemia
It can prevent bad breath too and if you chew the eaves that is all! This comes handy for eating garlic and onion and you need fast relief!

The parsley grows everywhere and even in home pots and gardens. You always have this fresh this way! In the winter, get the seeds and plant them in a deep pot, so after a few weeks it will grow.

Parsley tea:
Get 2 tbsp dry parsley and put it in water that boils. After 10 minutes, remove the parsley. Let this cool and add few drops lemon juice and honey if you wish.

Have this tea when you feel like it and have it at least 2 times daily. This tea makes you urinate more so, never before sleep at night!

If you are pregnant avoid this to stop hormonal changes or issues.

The parsley also cures anxiety and calms you. Take the root and leaves, chop them and mx with acacia honey. This can last for a week and take 1 tbsp before sleep.