Remove Uric Acid Crystals And Prevent Joint Pain And Gout

For gout treating, the diet is really important for the speed of healing and it needs to be healthy and natural for that purpose.

The gout is basically a type of disorder that occurs in the whole body. It means sodium urate deposits are formed as crystals and pile up in the joints whenever uric acid levels are high in the blood and this is named hyperuricemia.

That excess of that acid can form even in some cool parts of the body like knee, ankles, elbows or wrists and joints. Mostly it goes in the feet or the big toes precisely. Seldom it is in hips, spine and shoulders.

This issue is common for elder or even middle age people and mostly in men, less in women. For women, it happens after the menopause.

Often gout is genetic and gout is mostly due to diet habits of a person. Most of the time, families eat more or less same foods and mutual meals. What is served on the table is for everybody there.

If untreated, the gout prologues and happens quite often even in other joints not just one. The more serious gout cases damage the joints and cause deformities. Most of the time gout is likely to be treated, but with natural methods and cures you can prevent and end gout.

These attacks are not known before they happen so it is suddenly. Awful pain is the first signs and in the joints, during night time. They get really warm, swollen and inflamed and you cannot touch them since they are too sensitive.

The worst attacks are with chills, fevers and rapid pulse. If this is not treated it will last even for days. The signs might disappear but for the next attack, again there won’t be signs before it happens.

After a few attacks not treated, the joints might have or get limited movements. Those crystal lumps near the joints or under their skin worsen the situation for the kidneys and other organs too.

Those with hypertension and diabetes that have the gout, have worse kidney health due to the less excretion of uric acid. This worsens the gout and damages the joints and tissues.

Gout is due to too much producing of uric acid in the liver or due to too much intake of rich foods (meat proteins) so the excess of them cannot be removed through the urine.

The body changes all food substances called purines. It dos this through the uric acid or increasing it. Too much acid in blood makes more crystals in the joints.

Also, regularly having alcohol is another risk. Alcohol makes more uric acid and impairs the healthy kidney work. A combo of alcohol and too much proteins triggers the gout.

Those that have gout must avoid foods that create acids: sugars, processed and refined food, biscuits, flour, pastries, dairy, oily and fried food, soda, alcohol, tobacco…

Purine foods are: anchovies, herring, asparagus, read meat, meat gravy, broth, mushroom, organic meats, mussels, sardines.

Then, group of foods to avoid and reduce is bean items, soy milk, bean sprouts, bean curds, bean paste and similar. These are tasty to vegetarians but must be eaten moderately. Keep in mind that too much beans or soy will trigger the gout right away!

Not just diet changes, but workouts are good to be considered too, and try to do them 3 times in a week for half an hour. Also, lots and lots of water.

Gout patients are mostly overweight or obese. When they lose the weight, the crystals reduce and attacks reduce too.

Remember: fruits, veggies, water and no alcohol.